Framework agreement for the exchange of shares

Below is the official information released by the Company with regard to a Framework Agreement signed on June 15, 2023.

This agreement establishes the terms and conditions for a series of transactions through which Grupo SURA shall exchange its stake in Grupo Nutresa’s food business for its own shares and those of Grupo Argos.

The Board of Directors considers that this decision benefits hot only Grupo SURA but all of its shareholders, as it is made on fair exchange terms, enables the Company’s progress by focusing its investment portfolio on financial services and furthers develops its ownership structure.

Relevant Information June 29, 2023.

Time line

This agreement was executed within the framework of the Company's principles and as part of its strategy as an investment manager to focus on the financial sector; this in order to ensure the Company’s ongoing sustainable profitability by integrating the creation of economic value with a more harmonious level of development for society.