Announcements published by the Company

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. (Hereinafter "Grupo Sura" or the "Company") hereby informs the market that today the Board of Directors approved a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") entered into between the Company, JGDB S.A.S, Nugil S.A.S, International Capital Holding L.L.C, AFLAJ Investment L.L.C, Grupo Nutresa S.A. and Grupo Argos S.A. (the "Parties").

This MOU establishes the initial terms, based on which it has been agreed to enter into a series of transactions between the Parties. These transactions shall result in JGDB S.A.S. and Nugil S.A.S. becoming the majority and controlling shareholders of Grupo Nutresa S.A. with at least 87% of the voting shares and JGDB S.A.S. and Nugil S.A.S. ceasing to be shareholders of Grupo Sura. Likewise, Grupo Sura and Grupo Argos shall cease to be shareholders of Grupo Nutresa and Grupo Nutresa shall cease to be a shareholder of Grupo Argos and Grupo Sura.

We also would like to inform the market that in order for these transactions to be carried out , the required corporate and legal authorizations shall be requested and obtained in advance, including but not limited to those to be granted by the Colombian Superintendency of Finance or any other authority.