Our subsidiary Suramericana acquires the operation of RSA Insurance Group Plc in Latin America. Suramericana thus consolidates a leading insurance platform, geographically diversified, with presence in 9 countries.


The brand is renewed and henceforth it is called SURA.


Conavi and Corfinsura merge with Bancolombia, creating a universal banking group which is the current leader in the Colombian market and is present in 6 countries.


Reinsurer Munich Re acquire shares in Suramericana. We retain the majority, and currently hold 81.1%.


The professional risk administration company Suratep, now ARL SURA, was created.


The prepaid medicine company Susalud, which later became EPS SURA, was created.


In light of several purchase of companies from Antioquia that were listed in the stock exchanges by business groups that concentrated their ownership, our leaders and other companies proposed a “movement for the defense of the public limited liability companies and the industrial heritage of Antioquia”. This created a system of participation in which companies bought shares in other companies.Since then, patrimonial links have been maintained and a business philosophy has been shared between the food companies (Grupo Nutresa), infrastructure (Grupo Argos) and financial services (Grupo SURA).


We participated in the creation of Fundación Suramericana, currently Fundación SURA, to implement social responsibility actions.


We participated in the creation of Corporación Financiera Industrial Agrícola, which we purchased in its entirety in 1976, and became Corporación Financiera Suramericana.


We televised the news program Noticiero Suramericana, which aired for 20 years.