Our Strategy

At the beginning of 2021, we updated the strategic definitions that steer Grupo SURA’s decisions and roadmap. This was based on an ever-changing environment and a vision that has been enriched by carefully listening to and talking constructively with different stakeholder groups, to create added value, particularly for our shareholders, our portfolio investments, and society at large.

Our strategic objective of achieving sustainable profitability recognizes the importance of contributing to the harmonious development of society and generating value for our investors. This is achieved through a balanced and integrated management of four capitals: economic, human, social, and natural.

To achieve this objective, we have a team of human talent that has the necessary skills and abilities to develop our own applied knowledge of our different lines of business, which forms part of our priority investment focus, as well as the countries in which we are present. This knowledge allows the Organization to differentiate itself and manage its capital and risk exposure in a much more optimal manner, to consolidate a balanced portfolio.