Human talent

Human talent

We understand that people are the core of our strategy

We recognize that people are at the center of our organization, the identity and culture, and attempting to leverage their development and their relationship to the environment.

Accordingly, we intend to enable people, based on flexibility and diversity, to fully develop their being and their potential to generate value for the company, for their stakeholders, and for society as a whole.

When we speak of human talent, we are referring to the people and their relationship to the environment, where the interaction of their skills, traits, principles, knowledge, experiences, attitudes, character, and initiatives are the skills that enable them to learn and develop in different contexts.

We understand that people whole beings, in a state of continuous development, with the ability to adapt and transform themselves and transform their environment.

“A human being is that person who can always be different”.

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Training and development

People, with their talents, ideas, and behaviors, enable the company to endure over time, achieve its objectives, and contribute to society.

For our teams, we want people who question themselves, who have dialogues, and know their environment; free and autonomous human beings who are in constant development and evolution; people who go beyond their role as employees and who, based on the tools we make available to them, can raise their level of awareness to become responsible citizens.

This is why we provide forums for training and development, based on a set of competencies that leverage our purpose of creating sustainable profits and harmonious growth. Listening, conversing, emotional understanding, self-knowledge, and research are some of the competencies we are constantly trying to develop in Grupo SURA.

Inspiring leadership

We believe in a leadership that promotes open dialogues and constant listening because these are the only way to build trust-based relationships.

This leadership starts by recognizing, valuing, and understanding others and their environment, based on their diversity of thoughts, behaviors, and situations. We understand that only by understanding others as a whole we are able to drive and inspire personal and team development, increase cooperation, consistency, and trust, the trust that is based on a shared purpose.

Because we are a company with a regional reach, that promotes the ability to exert influence, dialogue, and leadership, we have a prospective and strategic of the environment and contribute to the harmonious development of the territories where we operate.

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We promote the well-being of our employees

To protect the physical, emotional, mental, and financial health of our employees, we implemented policies that contribute to each individual’s development and well-being, and we promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles that go beyond the work, family, and social spheres. 

See our occupational health and safety policy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In the SURA Business Group we have different policies, procedures and means for the prevention and attention of cases of discrimination and harassment.

The company has the Code of Conduct for SURA, SURAMERICANA, and SURA AM. This Code provides various statements about cultural diversity and fair treatment and prohibits discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, religious belief, or political affiliation.

As a multi-Latin group, we have cultural diversity in our employees and with it the opportunity to strengthen organizational practices.

99.9% of the company’s employees are of Latin American origin and the main nationalities are 71.43% colombians, 8.89% mexicans, 7.91% chileans, 2.61% peruvians, and 2.06% salvadorans and 1.96% argentines.

The share of each nationality in management positions is 64.2%, 11.5% 9.1%, 3.2%, 2.6% and 4.8%respectively. 

See our Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Gender balance in board leadership Grupo SURA


Percentage of women total promotions Grupo SURA


Percentage of new hires are women in the Business Group


Employee turnover rate

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Climate and organizational commitment

In 2021 we carried out the measurement of organizational commitment in which 5 statements were evaluated transversally in the SURA Business Group, obtaining a result of 95.07 and with a coverage of 48% of employees.

Some numbers about our employees


Women in the workforce


Women in management positions


Number of new hires

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Our compensation scheme comprises fixed payments and other incentives which are reflected as follows at the organizational levels.


Average women’s annual salary in dollars

Average men’s annual salary in dollars

Executive level $ 151,892 $ 225,777
Executive level (includes other incentives) $ 229,720 $ 377,472
Management level $ 39,230 $ 50,404
Management level (includes other incentives) $ 44,484 $ 60,611
Non-management levels $ 13,076 $ 17,062
Non-management levels (includes other incentives) $13,403 $17,678


Average TRM 2022: COP 4,255.44

* Figures reported annually in dollars.
Verification of compensation data (see page 100)

    Variable compensation  


Annual compensation for top executives

Fixed: 60%
Variable: 40%

Variable compensation is part of the total compensation of the CEO and the Executive Committee. It is made up of short-term and long-term incentives, both tied to financial performance indicators and sustainability metrics. As of 2021, our sustainability goals have greater relevance in the evaluation in order to carry out a comprehensive review of compliance with the Company’s strategy.

In Grupo SURA, this compensation is paid as follows: 60% in cash and 40% in shares. For values generated in shares, a clause applies in which they are not made effective in the event of dismissal of the employee for issues related to fraud or fraudulent action.

Level Long-term Incentive Short-term Incentive
Financial Long-term ROE

Short-term ROE

Relative financial metrics  

Average measurement indicators of sustainability and Sustainable Finance

Performance period 3 years 1 year
Time allowed for the CEO’s variable compensation 5 years


Multiple of the annual base salary paid in shares to the CEO 0.26
Multiple of the annual base salary paid in shares to members of the executive committee 0.22

Annual total CEO compensation to average employee compensation ratio Grupo SURA: 54.63

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Wage gap

Equal pay is guaranteed for the same level of position regardless of the gender of the person who occupies the level and position.

We have an increased salary policy in an equitable and transparent system for salary allocation.

Working conditions and benefits are the same for all employees regardless of level or gender. There is no wage discrimination.

32.92%  Global mean (average) raw gender pay gap Grupo SURA This gap is because women occupy positions in the company that receive lower salaries. Therefore, this figure shows vertical segregation (women are concentrated in lower-level positions, while men are concentrated in higher-level positions).

When analyzing the gap by position level, it is concluded that the gap is impacted by the number of male or female occupants at the levels and its historical evolution demonstrates the changes in the gender composition at each level.

Action plan to close gender pay gap

  • *Training on gender equality and unconscious bias

Provide training to employees and pay decision makers (leaders) on gender equality and unconscious bias. This helps raise awareness of gender biases and stereotypes that can influence salary and promotion decisions and foster a culture of equality and fairness.

  • * Review criteria in selection processes to mitigate gender biases, especially at manager and higher levels that may suggest a glass ceiling for women.


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