Human talent and culture

Human talent and culture

We understand human talent as the beginning and the source of competitiveness. It is a fundamental pillar of our strategy, together with culture and knowledge, that allows us to create a powerful differentiation to compete in the markets where we are present.

Lines of work

Our management of human talent is based on four main lines of work: Attraction and commitment, Design and compensation, Organizational development and Health and safety at work.

We complement our strategy, monitoring trends and signals to which we must be attentive, to contribute to the development of our Talent in aspects such as: Integral leadership, Universal learning, Employer brand, flexible organizations and development of organizational capacities.

We monitor multiple indicators around the management of human talent, with the aim of detecting opportunities and promoting initiatives aimed at the attraction, development, care and loyalty of employees.

Our employees

Some of indicators for our employees are:

  • Women in the workforce: 63%
  • Women in management positions: 37.18%
  • Women in junior management: 52.55%
  • Women in top management: 19.71%
  • Women in management positions in revenue-producing areas: 25.58%
  • Unionized employees: 4,648 individuals (representing 17.12% of the employees in the Business Group).
  • Disabled employees: 79 individuals.

Table of employees in the business group 2017

Affiliates Grupo SURA SURA Asset Management Suramericana (Seguros SURA) Total
Administration employees 31 38 5,514 10,294 1,776 2,295 7,321 12,627
Dependent sales reps 0 0 701 1,181 1,791 2,802 2,492 3,983
Interns 1 0 38 32 51 62 90 94
Apprentices 0 1 159 324 17 45 176 370
Total 32 29 6,412 1,1831 3,635 5,204 10,079 17,074



Growth of collaborators of our company in 2017.

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Cultural diversity

As a multi-Latin group, we have cultural diversity among our employees and this gives us the opportunity to strengthen our organizational practices. Our business group includes people from 31 nations (19 Latin American countries), and others such as Germany, Australia, England Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, South Africa, and Zaire.


of the company's employees are of Latin American origin.

Training programs

Programs and activities the talent of our employees

We invest in the talent of our leaders at every level, implementing programs and activities that improve their self-knowledge, develop competencies, and strengthen their teams.


of all employees are in administrative positions.

USD 6.7 MM

have been invested in training and development programs.

Health & Safety

Policies that contribute to the well-being and development

We implement policies that contribute to the well-being and development of each of our employees. This is the result of integrating physical, emotional, mental, and financial health by taking up healthy and sustainable lifestyles that go beyond work, family, and society.

Significant initiatives:

  • Flexible work hours.
  • Time bank.
  • Telecommuting.
  • Counseling for employees and their families.
  • Risk analysis, and programs for managing and preventing occupational health and safety risks.
  • Representation of 100% of our workers and our affiliates in occupational health and safety committees (COPASST).
  • Training programs on stress management, healthy work environments, occupational risk, sports and recreation, nutrition, and ergonomics.


of our employees have received training on occupational health and safety.