Human talent and culture

Human talent and culture

We understand human talent as the beginning and the source of competitiveness

It is a fundamental pillar of our strategy, together with culture and knowledge, that allows us to create a powerful differentiation to compete in the markets where we are present.

Lines of work

Our management of human talent is based on four main lines of work: Attraction and commitment, Design and compensation, Organizational development and Health and safety at work.

Our employees

Some of indicators for our employees are:


Our businesses demand skills and technical expertise to back our value proposition. Our compensation scheme contains fixed payments and other incentives which are reflected as follows at organizational levels.

Employee level

Average Salary –


Average Salary –


Executive level

$ 166,297

$ 213,549

Executive level (base salary + other cash incentives)

$ 236,118

$ 302,272

Management level

$ 44,413

$ 55,273

Management level (base salary + other cash incentives)

$ 54,128

$ 67,070

Non-management level

$ 14,123

$ 17,748

Average annual compensation for employees excluding the CEO is $ 67,269
*Data reported annually in dollars


Annual Executive Compensation

Fixed: 60%
Variable: 40%

Variable compensation is part of the total compensation of the CEO and the Executive Committee. It is made up of short and long-term incentives, both tied to financial performance indicators and sustainability metrics. As of 2021, our sustainability goals are more relevant in the evaluation in order to carry out a comprehensive review of compliance with the Company’s strategy. See the variable compensation indicators Here

At Grupo SURA, this compensation is paid as follows: 40% in cash, 30% in bonds, and 30% in stocks. Amounts in bonds and stocks include a clause that states their non-payment paid if the employee is fired due to fraud or wilful misconduct.


  Long-term Incentive Short-term Incentive
Financial Long term ROE ROE
Sustainability Metrics  
  • Weighted average of 5 sustainability ratings.
  • Sustainable Finance Projects: Climate Change and Human Rights
Performance period 5 years 1 year
Longest time vesting period for variable CEO compensation 5 years


Base salary multiple represented in shares for the CEO 2.4
Base salary multiple represented in shares for members of the executive committee 2.7

Cultural diversity

As a multi-Latin group, we have cultural diversity among our employees and this gives us the opportunity to strengthen our organizational practices. 98% of the company’s employees are of Latin American origin and the main nationalities are 67% Colombians, 13% Mexicans, 8% Chileans, 2% Peruvians and 2% Argentines and their percentage of participation in the management levels is 64.3%, 9.7% , 7.6%, 0.8% and 5.1%respectively.

Learn about our inclusion and diversity policy Here.

Training programs

We invest in the talent of our employees at every level, implementing programs and activities that improve their self-knowledge, develop competencies, and strengthen the teams.

Average investment in training per employee in 2020 was USD $ 134

Average hours of training per employee in 2020 were 25.1

USD 4,220,566 have been invested in training and development programs.

Health & Safety

We implement policies that contribute to the well-being and development of each of our employees. This is the result of integrating physical, emotional, mental, and financial health by taking up healthy and sustainable lifestyles that go beyond work, family, and society.

Work with us

If you feel identified with our principles and the philosophy of our Company, we invite you to be a candidate to integrate the team of collaborators of our company.