The Company’s Board of Directors has requested Gonzalo Perez to remain in his post as CEO of Grupo SURA until the Framework Agreement has closed

This Thursday, Grupo SURA shared a Relevant Information communication announcing that after 42 years of working with the companies belonging to the SURA Business Group, Gonzalo Alberto Pérez has resigned today from his position before the Company’s Board of Directors, in this the first board meeting to be held after his 65th birthday, as established in the Company's Code of Good Governance.

The Board of Directors accepted his resignation and asked him to remain in office until the transaction previously announced to the market on June 15 is completed, this comprising of a series of operations that, among other effects, will produce changes in Grupo SURA's shareholder base. Gonzalo thanked the Board for their confidence, requesting that, in any event, his term of office should not extend beyond April 30, 2024.

In accordance with the succession plans established for the Company's Senior Management, the Board of Directors shall continue with the process of evaluating candidates for the post of the Company’s chief Executive Officer and will inform the market once a decision is made. This process will take into account, among other matters, the profiles and skills of the candidates required for the position, this in order to ensure that the appointed candidate provides a good fit with Grupo SURA’s corporate culture, and that his or her qualities allow him or her to continue leading the Company’s sustainable development.

Grupo SURA’s Board of Directors gave special recognition to Gonzalo for his lifetime of work and leadership with the SURA Business Group, during which he has made a decisive contribution to the growth of Grupo SURA and the companies that form part of its portfolio.

Most notably, during the last 3 years in which he has served as Chief Executive Officer of Grupo SURA, his leadership has stood out in building, in conjunction with Grupo SURA’s Senior Management team and employees, a new strategic direction, defining the Company as an Investment Manager, with two main objectives: to obtain a return above the cost of capital for shareholders and to help build a more harmonious level of development for the societies in which the Group's companies are present.

Gonzalo Perez's social awareness, human sensitivity and admiration for knowledge have left an indelible mark on the corporate culture of the companies belonging to the SURA Business Group, all of which is a token of his inspiring leadership. Gonzalo has distinguished himself, among his many other virtues, for his ethical principles, which have given particular value to fairness, responsibility, transparency and respect, always showing gratitude to all those with whom he has interacted throughout his career.

The following is the letter of resignation that Gonzalo Perez submitted to the Board of Directors.