Social capital

For the management of social capital, we participate and seek to strengthen human and institutional networks, based on action frameworks, values and shared understandings to create trust and work in an articulated manner for common purposes. For the management of social capital we consider the following issues:

Human rights

Respect for human rights is an ethical imperative and a principle of action for the fulfillment of our strategy and higher purpose.

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Management and social investment

Consciously leading and participating in processes of social transformation allows us to play an active role in overcoming the great challenges we face as a society and contribute to the harmonious development of the territories where we are present.

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Ethics and Corporate Gorvernance System

Individual behavior and the coherence of our actions with respect to the Corporate Principles are decisive in achieving the common purpose that we have as an Organization: to create well-being and harmonious development for people, organizations and society.

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Citizenship and democracy

We are corporate citizens and that means that beyond business, our priority is to be an organization that creates public value and contributes to the harmonious development of society.

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Financial education

Promoting harmonious development implies enabling the development of capacities in citizens so that they autonomously make proactive, rational, conscious and appropriate decisions that allow them to have a healthy financial life.

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Tax commitment

We have developed a tax strategy that supports our commitment to the harmonious development of each of the countries where our brand is present.

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Public value

We recognize that companies are a relevant actor in the construction of communities with greater well-being and more equity, not only from the economic and social impact of business, but also because of the capacity they have to positively influence public dynamics and processes of social transformation.

Since our birth, we have assumed a genuine and responsible commitment in the construction of collective solutions for the challenges that we share as a society.

In Colombia, for example, for 77 years we have contributed to the construction of public value, not only with our business activity, but also with our contribution to the construction of citizenship and democracy.

We promote the creation of family compensation funds and SENA, entities that contribute to social welfare, through access to opportunities and capabilities that promote social mobility.
The SURA Foundation was born in Colombia 50 years ago, and since 2017 it expanded its regional reach to Chile and Mexico, our purpose is the creation of well-being and sustainable development through the strengthening of capacities that improve educational, civic and cultural conditions as axes of social transformation in Latin America.
We are part of and support multiple think tanks and organizations that: generate knowledge, contribute to the construction of citizenship and institutional strengthening such as: Entrepreneurs for Education, Ideas for Peace Foundation, Proantioquia, Transparency for Colombia, Private Council of Competitiveness, Excellence in Justice.
We support the country’s peace processes, at different times in its history, based on recognizing our responsibility as a company, assuming an active role as a corporate citizen and thus contributing to harmonious development.
We believe that economic growth makes sense only when there are opportunities for all, with this philosophy since the first year of Suramericana de Seguros in 1945 we are listed on the Colombian stock exchange. We started with an open ownership structure made up of 36 companies and 151 natural persons, which today adds up to more than 18,000 shareholders, of which about 16,000 are natural persons, which makes us a public company, a citizen’s patrimony.
The SURA Business Group employs more than 30,000 people in 10 Latin American countries. We are committed to the comprehensive development and well-being of our human capital