Citizenship and democracy

Democracy has value when reflections and practices that allow autonomy, voice, appropriation and action of all citizens are promoted. Only in this way can the strengthening of social capital be ensured so that it gives meaning to the realization of individual and collective aspirations, and to the construction and promotion of strong, solid, transparent institutions at the service of the common good.

Citizenship, a shared minimum

It is believed that companies are not part of the State and that our work towards the generation of public value is limited to specific actions proposed from the areas of social responsibility. In our case, it is part of our day to day to actively participate in public conversations, encourage dialogue with inclusive positions and debate from the multiplicity of perspectives on issues that matter to us all.

For years we have assumed an integrating leadership, which favors alliances between institutions and promotes the development of projects and initiatives in the territories, which go far beyond the particular interest of business.

Today our voice as a company in matters that belong to everyone must be more powerful, more proactive, more critical. This implies recognizing what happens in everyday life, highlighting the different ways in which human beings resolve collective issues through respect and dialogue. It is about raising the levels of listening, empathy and trust, from the understanding of each context.

Our participation as a private company is aimed at: strengthening public policy in favor of solving social problems; broaden and deepen applied knowledge, based on the study of public dynamics and conversations with different actors in society; promote the dissemination of quality, verified, timely and valuable information that guides responsible positions and decisions as citizens; encourage participation in initiatives that build citizenship and democracy; and favor training processes in civic culture.

Our commitment implies a leadership that is always on the path of construction and respectful dialogue.

Foci of action and initiatives

As a society, we are responsible for the decisions we make that affect the way we behave.

Asking questions and looking for answers is a way to get closer to the right and meaningful decisions. We believe in the autonomy that knowledge generates and in a democracy that is built with the plurality of voices. We are committed to strengthening democratic processes and the social fabric, which allow us to understand the public and political phenomena of the countries, through leadership and participation in projects and initiatives and support for think tanks and social organizations dedicated to reflection, the generation of knowledge, appropriation and citizen mobilization and incidence.

Our approach to institutional strengthening, the protection of public goods and public dynamics, proposes an approach based on the exchange of knowledge and the delivery of information and tools that contribute to autonomously informed decision-making.

To this end, we have defined four action focuses that are addressed from different initiatives and areas of the Company:

1. Journalism and public opinion. We are convinced of the importance of ethical journalism as a task that strengthens the social fabric, generates scenarios for dialogue and exchange, mobilizes transformations and provides different interpretations for a more inclusive public opinion, better informed, more aware of its surroundings and with greater critical capacity: a more democratic society. In this context, we lead and support initiatives that promote citizen access to: quality tools and information that strengthen their understanding, autonomy and freedom when voting; that promote political culture and participation in the medium and long term; journalistic content and spaces that qualify public opinion around relevant issues for the development of society.

2. Citizen culture. We are convinced that training is an important way to strengthen citizen decision-making. And we must all lead these training processes, in this way we will favor the inclusion of visions and promote knowledge from the different levels and sectors of the population. The political, ideological, thought and behavior positions are built from different scenarios: the school, the house, the street, the park, the company.

3. Conversations. We are an organization that talks, because we want to create communities of meaning to work for shared purposes. We promote conversations based on equity and inclusion, seeking the multiplicity of ideas and positions on issues of common interest, which favor the generation of critical thinking, relationships of empathy, the development of autonomy for a free and conscious citizen exercise , so that we can move towards the construction of agreements and decisions around common objectives as a society.

4. Research. We join proposals that seek to analyze the behavior, participation and political culture of citizens, through research carried out in alliance with different local and regional actors. In this way, we seek to better understand the factors that affect the decisions of political actors, generate dynamics of critical analysis for the qualification of public opinion, political dialogue, institutional strengthening, the development of public policies, business dynamics and the welfare of society in general.


From the company
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From SURA Foundation
Support for think tanks • Contributions to democracy • Training in civic culture • Initiatives that promote the construction of peace

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Contributions for institutional strengthening

We believe that strong institutions, which favor the generation of a social and economic fabric, are the lever for the growth of society and, for this reason, we have promoted the creation and consolidation of think tanks, unions, associations and initiatives based on cooperation. In this line, we work hand in hand with organizations, institutions and governments, contributing resources, knowledge and talent, without compromising private interests, to reflect, investigate and positively influence the construction of public policies that promote the development of the countries where we are present. .

We have had the opportunity to join forces with other actors around similar purposes, which enhances capacities and favors the achievement of relevant objectives for society, among which are the following contributions:

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