Fundacion SURA

Fundacion SURA

Grupo SURA and its subsidiary companies canalize an important part of their social investment contributions through the SURA Foundation, an entity created in 1971 in Colombia, and in 2017 in Chile and Mexico, with the purpose of contributing to the development of capacities and the well-being of the communities in different countries of Latin America.

Our objective

To create well-being and sustainable development by leveraging capabilities that improve the educational civics and cultural conditions, which are paramount for the social transformation of Latin America.

In accordance with the contexts and needs of the territories, the SURA Foundation has focused its social investment strategy on three lines:

  • Quality education
  • Cultural promotion
  • Institutional enhancement

Since 2017, this social component of SURA has been strengthened with the creation of the SURA Foundation in Chile and Mexico, consistent with the expansion of the insurance, pension, savings and investment businesses in these countries. Under the same philosophy, they prioritize their fields of action, based on the needs of each territory.

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Quality education

We acknowledge the different dimensions of human beings and understand that discussing well-being and development requires addressing comprehensive transformation processes. Hence, education is the core of these processes and a path to discover and leverage opportunities that meet the dynamics and challenges of every society.

We support enhancing the capabilities of the principals, teachers and students by developing educational strategies that value the HUMAN BEING as a pivotal pillar to learn and do.

The main initiatives of this line were:

  • Félix and Susana
  • Higher education scholarships fund
  • Principals transformational leaders
Cultural promotion

We create opportunities which allow cultural entities to find feasible paths for the sustainable management of their activities, through capability development and institutional enhancement. We encourage conversations and practices with art and culture in mind as well as the means to be aware of our relations with others and with the setting.

This investment line is conceived in
three major areas:

Cultural Entrepreneurship
The development of social-corporate and productive skills to qualify the artistic and cultural activity.

Cultural Appropriation
To support projects that enable taking art and culture to the community, understanding that cultural settings are isolated spaces but instead, settings that hold discussions with their areas.

Heritage Custodians
To encourage the conservation of cultural goods which witness the historical development of the population.

The main initiatives of this line were:

  • Cultural Entrepreneurships in Urabá
  • Exploring heritage
  • Residencias Cundinamarca
Institutional enhancement

We are committed to the organizations dedicated to reflect upon, investigate and have an impact on matters such as justice, transparency, competitiveness, democracy, the environment and citizenship.

Volunteer Program

With Voluntary Corps, we develop practices pertaining to social commitment and transformation experiences in which we share time, knowledge and talent with the communities. We believe that by providing knowledge and capabilities, we contribute to build new realities. This program channels the spirit of solidarity of collaborators and families. It is a mechanism of participation that leads to understand the reality, to be part of its transformation, and to manage social lessons.

This program is managed by the following initiatives:

  • Solidarity Funds
    Financial contributions
  • Adding Wills
    Activity in Latin America
  • Times
    Activities of continuous work
  • A Day To
    Activities for a day
  • Let’s Go SURA
    Activity to build peace

SURA collaborators in the region who have participated in our Voluntary corps program:

2016 – 2.577
2017 – 3.698
2018 – 5.733

Housing Fund

Our collaborators’ well-being is the baseline to create the Housing Fund in the year 2011. The Fund grants loans to purchase, formalize and improve homes, and a contribution – or better, a donation – for those that earn less than two minimum monthly legal wages at Grupo SURA, Suramericana, SURA Asset Management, ARUS and Hábitat. Moreover, it expands to suppliers that provide services at our facilities.

The resources destined by the Foundation include the contributions of the collaborators of SURA.

SURA Collaborators of Colombia have made contributions for:

2013 – COP 56,000,000
2014 – COP 126,828,000
2015 – COP 153,000,000
2016 – COP 6,312,000
2018 – COP 90,109,015

Our goal is to double the number of contributions compared to the previous year (2018).