Fundacion SURA

Fundacion SURA

Grupo SURA and its subsidiary companies canalize an important part of their social investment contributions through the SURA Foundation, an entity created in 1971 in Colombia, and in 2017 in Chile and Mexico, with the purpose of contributing to the development of capacities and the well-being of the communities in different countries of Latin America.

Our Purpose

To create well-being and sustainable development by leveraging capabilities that improve the educational civics and cultural conditions, which are paramount for the social transformation of Latin America.

The pillars of our management:

  • We seek to consolidate our long-term commitment to grow with our stakeholders and respond to the transformations of the territories.
  • Knowledge applied to social management
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Connection with collaborators
  • Communicate to create meaning
  • Management of financial resources and equity soundness

Lines of Social Investment in Latin America
Social Investment Priorities

In accordance with the contexts and needs of the territories, the SURA Foundation has focused its social investment strategy on the following lines:

Quality of Education

We want to promote and lead meaningful learning processes, and to develop attitudes and fundamental skills for the on-going growth of each person – which will last a lifetime. We are committed to improve the lives of human beings and to seek chances that secure their knowledge and activities. We know well that education is a process based on trust in which every person contributes, within a context of equality.

Main iniciatives in this line:

  • Félix and Susana • Higher Education Scholarship Fund • Principals Leaders and Transformers • ERA (Alliance for Rural Education in Antioquia)
Cultural Promotion

Believing in the importance of conservation and in B cultural heritage means protecting our identity; acknowledging a cultural heritage and setting it at the core of present discussions, aware of its future challenges. We promote diversity, creativity, the development of critical thinking, the chance to share meanings and visions of the same reality, while we instill citizenship through art and culture. Hence, we foment the capabilities of cultural organizations and of artists, and back the enhancement of the cultural sector; we lead initiatives that give way to exchange knowledge and processes with education at their core, understanding that education and culture are areas intertwined.

This line is based on three pillars:

Cultural Start-ups: We back activities that target the sustainability of the arts and of cultural organizations, qualifying the creative process and the technical conditions as well as the management of businesses in the sector – all aimed to preserve of the wisdom behind the arts.

Culture Appropriation: We promote exercises made with the community that stem voluntarily in cultural organizations. Initiatives connected to educational processes, which shift the visions of the regions and the outlook of the entities which lead them.

Heritage Custodians: We acknowledge the role of cultural organizations in the regions, which are mediators between art and audiences, and their responsibility to oversee its conservation. We back the presence of the government and the sustainability of the cultural sector, connecting similar purposes, ideas, persons, knowledge and businesses.

Main iniciatives in this line:

  • Cultural Entrepreneurship in Urabá • Exploring Heritage • Residencias Cundinamarca • “Selva de Letras” Project
Instilling Citizenship and Building Democracy

As a society, we are responsible for the decisions we make A and those that have an impact on how we behave. Asking and seeking answers is a way to reach the best answers that make sense. We believe in the autonomy that knowledge generates and in a democracy built with many voices. We opt for enhancing democratic processes and social networks, which lead to understand the political phenomena of countries through leadership and backing think tanks and social organizations devoted to make reflections, to create knowledge, appropriation and citizen mobilization as well as public incidence.

Main iniciatives in this line:

  • Alianza Soluciones


Corporate Volunteer Program

We define volunteer work as the capability to give, a chance of being depicted in others. Indeed, by acknowledging your own skills and Wknowledge, to give yourself the opportunity to change others and yourself. We connect these capabilities to a community that is willing to build something in a joint effort. This in turn which leads to exchange practices and knowledge that change the reality. Through the Corporate Volunteer Program we unite the different visions of persons and make them hold discussions – an exercise that stems from the will of human beings to learn to live collectively. The SURA Foundation leads the Corporate Volunteer Program engaging the areas of Human Talent of the companies and in alliance with different organizations that share the same purpose.

The Corporate Volunteer Program is held through the following initiatives:

Sumando Voluntades
Held simultaneously throughout Latin America

On-going assistance provided to communities

A Day to
Activities for a day

Vamos SURA
Community immersion activities

Solidarity Funds
Financial Contributions

Main iniciatives in this line:
“Sumando Voluntades” • Time at the Museum • Time to Read • Time in the Mountains • Time for Sports • Time to Teach • A Day to Create • A Day for the Earth • A Day to Paint • A Day to Build • ”Vamos Colombia” • “Vamos SURA” • Time at the Zoo

SURA collaborators in the region who have participated in our Voluntary corps program:

2016 – 2.577
2017 – 3.698
2018 – 5.733
2019 – 5.200

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