Responsible investment

Responsible investment

Our commitment to sustainable development is mainstream in the strategic direction of our Company, which in turn focuses on financial services that understand the conditions of the setting and the impact that the decisions made to meet its purpose may have.

Responsibility Investment Policy

We have a Responsible Investment Policy which is key for the analysis of business investments and to continue enhancing and developing our affiliates.

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Policy objectives

Our policy’s objective is to provide general guidelines to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance matters in the analysis and decision-making processes pertaining to investments, which hold an active role in risk management and in the development of responsible practices.

Moreover, our policy includes a general framework to build tools to analyze investments, to manage the controversies companies face in their selection and decision-making processes, and a beacon of governance in their application and management.

Scope and application framework

The scope of this Policy covers us, Seguros SURA (Suramericana S.A.), SURA Asset Management S.A. and subsidiaries, framed within the following investment roles:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: refers to merger and acquisition projects and processes made by the companies or already agreed upon.
  • Portfolio of Own Investments: this includes portfolio investments of the insurance companies and the subsidiaries thereof, and portfolios of own position in the Fund Administrators in the capital market:
    • Fixed income.
    • Variable income.
    • Fund managers.
  • Third-party Investments: this applies to the mandatory and voluntary business of the investment fund managers.

The participation in new investment business lines should review the use of policies in the corresponding setting created by each company.

The incorporation and application of ASG criteria is made on those investments which have a direct power to decide about its share. Hence, investments that should follow a benchmark and funds and structure in which a manager other that the Companies makes the investment are excluded. In any case, the Companies shall keep the same policies to select the fund and the manager when legally and contractually admissible.

Investment criteria

The decision-making process, in compliance with the commitment to sustainable development, includes our Investment Criteria, which analyze the following aspects:

  • Political, social and macroeconomic stability of the setting.
  • Growth potential.
  • Leadership in their markets.
  • Stock control.
  • Economic, environmental and social performance.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Corporate reputation.