Our commitment to Art and Culture

History tells us that, as part of a rescue, we received some works of art in 1972. That is how a pinacoteca began that has strengthened our commitment to these manifestations, which are another concrete way to contribute to the development, well-being and transformation of societies. where the Company’s business is present.

SURA has been setting up an art collection, which is currently considered one of the most representative in Latin America. By 2018, it has 1,017 works, including oils on canvas, paper works (watercolor, sanguine, pencil), sculptures, photography and serigraphs, mainly. His orientation and care is at the head of the Cultural Committee of the Company, which since 1985 has had a continuous work.

The collection has been in different cultural settings in Panama, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, through traveling exhibitions that show the cultural ties between Latin American artists, ranging from the nineteenth century to the present.

Our support for art and culture is also evident in the many publications, concerts and events supported by our Companies, including the Latin American versions of the Hay Festival and the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award and Festival.

In addition, this commitment has translated into the promotion, research and strengthening of artistic, historical and anthropological initiatives, from various programs of the cultural management line of the Fundación SURA.