Our subsidiary, SURA Asset Management, was recognized as a Leading Company in Sustainability by the ALAS20 initiative

  • The Company was placed in top position in the "Leading Company in Sustainability" category in the 2023 ranking drawn up by the ALAS20 initiative.
  • The Company stood out for its excellence in the public disclosure of environmental, social and governance (ESG) information.
  • This and other external evaluations reflect the commitment on the part of the companies belonging to the SURA Business Group to creating added value based on an integrated handling of their economic, social, human and natural capital.

SURA Asset Management, a subsidiary of Grupo SURA, a leading company in the savings, investment and asset management sectors, was ranked in top position in Colombia in the "Leading Company in Sustainability" category as part of the 2023 ranking of the Agenda Líderes Sustentables (Sustainable Leaders Agenda), ALAS20, a Latin American initiative that evaluates, rates and recognizes excellence in terms of the public disclosure of information on sustainable development, corporate governance and responsible investing practices.

"This recognition reflects our firm commitment to sustainability. At SURA Asset Management we are convinced that sustainability is an opportunity for creating long-term value for our clients and society as a whole," stated Ignacio Calle, CEO of SURA Asset Management.

This category´s technical evaluation, in which SURA AM came in first, was carried out by the rating firm Morningstar Sustainalytics and was based on the ESG Risk Rating methodology, which measures the risk to corporate value due to ESG factors.

The Company's evaluation as a "Leading Company in Sustainability" is supported by the initiatives and strategies implemented in 2023, these including: five of its pension fund management firms as well as SURA Investments becoming signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI); SURA Asset Management embracing the Investors’ Climate Initiative in Latin America, as part of COP26, as well as a carbon footprint measurement of 31.8% of its assets under management (AUM).

The Company also continues to prioritize sustainable investment. To this end, it exhaustively analyzes sectors and companies, integrating ESG criteria in its financial analysis and encouraging the adoption of best practices along its value chain, this in keeping with its focus on helping to build a more sustainable future.

At SURA Asset Management, as well as in all the companies that make up the Business Group, sustainability is part of its corporate strategy and is understood as an active commitment to inspiring trust among stakeholders, seeking lasting relationships that strengthen its competitive capacity and fostering long-term sustainable growth.

This approach takes into account economic, environmental, social and corporate governance aspects in all the Company's operations, this in keeping with its fiduciary duty to ensure the best possible profitability for its clients, while always implementing standards of excellence and best industry practices.

This commitment has been recognized by some of the most demanding rating firms worldwide and is reflected, for example, in Grupo SURA's inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook.

These external recognitions and evaluations are a tool that allows SURA AM and all the companies belonging to the SURA Business Group to learn and identify practices that strengthen the handling of economic, environmental, social and governance issues, based on the highest international standards. 

For more information regarding our commitment to sustainability and the results of the most recent individual evaluations on the part of our external ratings firms, please click on this link