SURA was evaluated as one of the leading organizations in terms of its corporate reputation in Colombia, this according to this year´s Merco Corporate ranking

  • The Organization was ranked in 6th place among the 100 top companies with the best perception while maintaining No. 1 position in the country's insurance sector.
  • The CEOs of Grupo SURA, Suramericana, SURA Asset Management as well as Seguros SURA Colombia continue to rank among the highest rated business leaders.
  • The Companies belonging to Grupo SURA's investment portfolio, namely Bancolombia, Grupo Argos, Nutresa and Protección were also ranked highly in the Merco Empresas survey.

SURA was recognized this past Wednesday by the Corporate Reputation Monitor (Merco) as the sixth company with the best perception in Colombia, having been ranked among the top ten organizations in the country for the last 12 straight years in this independent survey that covered various aspects of the SURA Business Group.

Consequently, SURA retained its No. 1 position in the country's insurance sector, thereby acknowledging the leadership demonstrated for the last 15 years by the Suramericana insurance subsidiary, Seguros SURA Colombia. The Merco Corporate Reputation survey examined the range of perceptions held by different audiences, including financial analysts, economic journalists, academics, employees of the companies surveyed, NGO representatives and university students.

"The result of this survey on the part of  the Merco Corporate Survey (Colombia) shows us that  by inspiring trust and building long-term relationships with all our stakeholders we can continue to help improve the well-being of so many people and companies that believe in SURA as an organization that is deeply committed to a more harmonious level of  development for  both Colombia and the region," stated Gonzalo Pérez, CEO of Grupo SURA.

In this sense, this evaluation of SURA by different communities is supported by facts, for example: members of the EPS SURA health care subsidiary receive more than 350 thousand services each day; nearly 250 thousand micro, small and medium-sized companies are receiving the help and support of Seguros SURA in order to gain greater sustainable competitiveness; as well as  more than COP 30,000 million that SURA has allocated in 2022 to promote the country's social capital through initiatives relating to the quality of education, the promotion of cultural activities , peace building and citizen training.

Likewise, Grupo SURA particularly applauded the performance of all those companies forming part of its investment portfolio, with Bancolombia obtaining first (1st) place, Grupo Nutresa third (3rd), while Grupo Argos was ranked in ninth (9th) place. Protección, for its part was ranked in 58th place in the overall ranking but first (1st) place among the pension and severance fund management firms.

On the other hand, the Merco Leaders Survey (Colombia) for 2022 ranked Gonzalo Pérez in eighth (8th) place in terms of how well he is perceived in the country; while Juana Llano, CEO of Suramericana, moved up to 19th place; followed by Juan David Escobar, CEO  of Seguros SURA Colombia, who remained in 32nd place, and Ignacio Calle, CEO  of SURA Asset Management, who was ranked in 75th, among the hundred or so businessmen included in this ranking.

It is worth mentioning that last August SURA was ranked in 57th place among the 100 top Latin American organizations with the best corporate reputation, according to the Merco Survey, being the first Colombian company to be featured in this list, with Suramericana obtaining second place in the insurance sector with a presence spanning nine Latin American countries.

SURA was also recognized in the Merco Talent Survey 2022 as the fifth best company to work for in Colombia and the first in the insurance sector, while remaining the third most responsible organization in the country in the Merco 2022 Survey on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria.