SURA is sponsoring a second series of talks on the subject of imagining the post-pandemic world while at the same time reaffirming its alliance with the Hay Festival Events – 2020

  • In partnership with Hay Festival, SURA shall be continuing with the on-line project titled "Imagining the world", with another series of 10 talks addressing the challenges facing humanity in the post-pandemic era this from the standpoint of different thinkers.
  • This second round of talks shall enjoy the support of the Spanish newspaper, El País, with interviews at which the guest speakers shall be answering questions posed via social networks.
  • Both the Hay Festival to be held in Querétaro in Mexico (in September) and later the Hay Festival scheduled for Arequipa in Peru (in November) shall be broadcast on-line.

Medellín. August 10, 2020 SURA and the Hay Festival have confirmed their alliance for the second half of 2020, announcing the second round of on-line talks titled "Imagining the World after COVID", whereby thinkers on a global level shall be discussing the new environment we are living in and shall  be living in during the post-pandemic era. This second round shall feature 10 well-recognized guests proficient in different areas of knowledge.

These talks shall be broadcast each week, and shall be subsequently made available in the form of a video published on the YouTube channel SURA Latinoamérica, as well as a summarized version on the Hay Festival podcast in Spanish. Furthermore, the Spanish newspaper El País, shall be sponsoring this second round of talks which shall take the form of fortnightly interviews, in which each guest shall be responding to questions posed by users of social networks under the hashtag #imaginaelmundo.

"Today, more than ever, these cultural events are giving us the opportunity to recognize our own diversity and open up constructive dialog for building possible futures together. This type of event invites us to reflect on the present time in which we are living so that we can anticipate and transform the reality of our own lives. In this sense, we, in SURA, are pleased to be able to make available this type of content as part of the Hay Festival framework, thereby providing a melting pot for all kinds of knowledge as well as new conversations", stated Gonzalo Pérez Rojas, CEO of Grupo SURA.

With this second round of talks, to be broadcast on-line, SURA intends to help assemble different thoughts and ideas so that we may reflect on the challenges and lessons to be learnt at this moment in time. This new round is preceded by the very first round of talks held between May and July of this year. The Hay Festival has invited the following great minds to enrich discussions during the second half of this year:

  • July 25. Alma Guillermoprieto (Mexico). Award-winning journalist and writer. Obtained the Princess of Asturias Award in Communication and Humanities 2018.
  • August 8. Nick Stern (United Kingdom). Author of the Stern Review. Recognized academic and economist who worked at the World Bank.
  • September 7 Elena Poniatowska (France - Mexico). Writer and Winner of the Cervantes Prize 2013.
  • September 19 Yasnaya Aguilar (Mexico). Writer, linguist and activist in defense of the Mexican indigenous languages
  • October 3. John Gray (United Kingdom). Academic and researcher at Oxford, Harvard, Yale and the London School of Economics.
  • October 17 José Ignacio Latorre (Spain). Quantum Physicist and Doctor of Physics (MIT). Current Director of the Quantum Technology Centre in Singapore.
  • October 31. Chimananda Ngozi (Nigeria) Award-winning writer and renowned feminist. Holding a master's degree in creative writing from John Hopkins University.
    More thinkers are expected to join up in this endeavor to enrich the plural and diverse nature of this event.

SURA is sponsoring the on-line talks hosted by the Hay Festival in Querétaro and Arequipa

The Organization has reaffirmed its alliance with the Hay Festival by helping to make both these cultural events possible, for the very first time on-line.
The Hay Festival in Querétaro (Mexico) shall be held from September 2 to 7, where SURA shall be accompanying the main talks to be given by Paul Krugman (United States) and Adela Cortina (Spain), as well as a cultural event featuring the artist Julieta Venegas (Mexico).

As for the Hay Festival in Arequipa (Peru), this is scheduled to be held from November 4 to 8. The complete schedule for both events shall be made available on the Hay Festival website.