SURA is gaining ground in the ranking of the top companies in terms of social investment in Colombia

  • The Organization rose from 19th to 7th place in the Private Social Investment Index (PSII) for 2020, this based on the concerted efforts of both our Companies and the SURA Foundation.
  • This latest survey underscored SURA’s contributions from a social standpoint through the partnerships entered into with public and private entities.
  • Grupo SURA was the company that was most recognized by other companies participating in this ranking given factors such as ethical conduct, transparency and social management.

A 132% increase in funding for social investment initiatives over the last year, which benefited 342 thousand people, the Foundation’s support for 2,045 different organizations as well as a supplier program that encourages growth and good practices for this specific stakeholder group, are just some of the initiatives that allowed SURA to climb 12 positions up to seventh place in the current Private Social Investment Index. The results of this latest index survey carried out by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the firm Jaime Arteaga & Asociados, in alliance with the Semana Sostenible magazine, were released last Thursday.

These took into account the consolidated efforts of both the Business Group as well as the SURA Foundation in Colombia in 2019. Likewise, after surveying more than 100 companies included in this index, SURA was ranked in No.1 position in terms of perception and recognition for aspects such as community assistance, ethical conduct, transparency, responsibility with employees, among others.


It was also ranked as one of the leading companies in terms of the number of public -private partnerships entered into, which increased by 32% last year, with PPP support being provided to 2,045 organizations compared to the previous 1.544.


"The results of this latest ranking only goes to underscore the important role that companies play in the country’s social development, especially at the present time given the current pandemic. It also encourages us to further expand all those programs that our Companies and the SURA Foundation are supporting in alliance with different entities, so as to be able to improve the living conditions of our people and help them develop their skills and capabilities, while furthering the quality of education, helping cultural organizations and think tanks to remain sustainable, these among many other initiatives we are carrying out", stated Tatyana Orozco, Grupo SURA’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer


In fact, so far this year, given the need to address the current pandemic, the Group has increased its  social investment having set up humanitarian relief facilities, for which we have allocated COP 12,500 million to date in Colombia alone, this mainly to improve hospital infrastructure, deliver PPE kits for medical personnel and ensure food safety for families that living in vulnerable conditions

In addition to the above, the SURA Foundation is currently investing COP 17,500 million this year in social programs and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education, promoting cultural interests, building democracy, instilling a sense of citizenship as well as the Group’s own corporate volunteer corps programs.

It should be noted that a total of COP 82 billion was invested in social outreach programs in 2019, which was 132% more than the previous year. This included initiatives such as the Felix and Susana program that focuses on skill-building for children, teachers and families for a healthier, more peaceful coexistence; cultural support for 36 organizations such as museums, cultural centers and new ventures; strengthening 24 entities, think tanks and initiatives dedicated to improving public policy making; as well as encouraging the inclusion of ex-soldiers and victims of conflict in the job market.

"We recognize the responsibility we have in continuing to expand the scope of our social initiatives so that we can transform more lives and further the development of more territories. At the same time, we are sharing our experience and the lessons learned so as to be able to inspire other organizations to join us in creating greater well-being and sustainable development, not only in Colombia, but in the rest of Latin America," concluded Tatyana Orozco.