SURA helps to advance initiatives in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America

Grupo Sura and its core subsidiaries, Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, are fully aware of the crucial role that companies play in today’s society. That is why we have acted decisively to provide solutions aimed at mitigating the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in all 10 countries where we are present.

This commitment has been articulated on several fronts, beginning with safeguarding jobs and caring for our employees, as well as ensuring the continuity of our different lines of business and reinforcing our capacity to assist our clients and provide them with solutions so as to be able to tackle the current situation.

It has also been important to make our presence felt through the various social outreach programs staged by both the SURA Foundation or directly from our Companies themselves. Consequently, to date, we have donated additional funds totaling almost COP 13,028 million (approximately USD 3.26 million), these including contributions from more than 11 thousand shareholders, through our listing on the Colombian Stock Exchange. On the other hand, our SURA employees donated a total of COP 303 million.

The following is a brief summary of the donations channeled through the SURA Foundation in Colombia, Chile and Mexico, as well as other contributions made directly by our Companies, these focused on strengthening our health care systems and providing food to families most affected by this contingency:

  • 15 university hospitals and non-profit foundations in 10 departments in Colombia shall receive supplies of personal protection equipment for their medical staff thanks to a donation of COP 5 billion from the SURA Foundation.
  • The installed capacity of the intensive care units of the San Vicente Fundación and the Pablo Tobón Uribe hospitals (in Medellín) have been expanded, thanks to a total of COP 4,000 million donated by Seguros SURA Colombia and channeled through Proantioquia, a private foundation set up by the local business sector.
  • 100 thousand families in vulnerable conditions, in 18 cities throughout Colombia, shall receive 200 thousand free deliveries of grocery staples, through an alliance formed between the SURA, Bancolombia, Nutresa and Grupo Argos Foundations so as to ensure food security. Here SURA is contributing COP 400 million to this initiative.
  • Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, participated in the "Donate to Medellín" event staged by the Medellin Mayor's Office, having contributed a total of COP 300 million, through the SURA Foundation, this to be used to provide free grocery deliveries for families living in vulnerable conditions in this part of Colombia. Likewise, all three companies, through the Sura Foundation, contributed another COP 300 million to the "Bogotá United at Home” initiative staged by the capital city’s District Administration.
  • In Mexico, 28 indigenous communities in the states of Veracruz and Chiapas shall benefit from improved hospital and health care facilities, thanks to a contribution of MXN 533,000 (approximately COP 88 million) from the SURA Foundation in Mexico. Furthermore, the Foundation shall donate 6 mechanical ventilators to the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán, in Mexico City, these through an estimated contribution of USD 180,000 (approximately COP 720 million).
  • In Uruguay, the #We Care for Each Other initiative received a donation worth USD 120,000 (approximately COP 480 million) from Seguros SURA Uruguay, Afap SURA and the SURA Foundation (Colombia) which shall be used to procure the medical supplies needed by the hospitals in this part of the world.
  • The Ministry of Health in El Salvador shall receive three mechanical ventilators destined for ICU use, thanks to a contribution totaling USD 75,000 (approximately COP 300 million) from Asesuisa and AFP Crecer, this channeled through the SURA Foundation in Colombia.
  • In Chile, students from the Belén Educa Foundation shall be able to continue their studies thanks to 100 new computers to be provided by the SURA Foundation in Chile, these worth an estimated USD 70,000 (about COP 280 million)
  • In Peru, AFP Integra has donated a total of USD 70,000 (about COP 280 million), through the SURA Foundation in Colombia, for the social venture, Pixed, which prints personal protective gear in 3D for medical and hospital personnel.
  • In Brazil, the Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de Medicina de Sao Paulo received USD 70,000 (about COP 280 million) from Seguros SURA Brasil, through the SURA Foundation in Colombia, for the purpose of enhancing the care and treatment of patients infected with COVID-19.
  • In Argentina, the Hospital Universitario Austral (a non-profit civil association), in Buenos Aires, shall be able to improve its health care services and infrastructure thanks to a contribution from Seguros SURA Argentina totaling USD 70,000 (about COP 280 million), channeled through the SURA Foundation in Colombia.
  • In Panama, the Ministry of Health and the Hospital Nacional shall receive specialized medical equipment, in which USD 60,000 (COP 240 million) shall be invested thanks to a contribution from Seguros SURA Panama and the Sura Foundation in Colombia.
  • In the Dominican Republic, Seguros SURA República Dominicana donated USD 20,000 (approximately COP 80 million) to an initiative spearheaded by the Santiago Business Association aimed at enhancing hospital health care services.

    Solidarity shown by our SURA employees

    We would also like to express our appreciation for the way our SURA employees have come together having provided individual voluntary donations totaling 346.5 million pesos, which has been channeled through the SURA Foundation to the following initiatives: 280.8 million shall be used for providing free food deliveries to families whose income has been affected by the contingency, and 65.7 million more shall be invested in purchasing medical supplies that are urgently needed for several hospitals throughout the country.