• The Company posted operating revenues of COP 13.65 trillion for this last year, with 12 million unique clients and a market share of 24.9%.
  • Investments in 2021 were focused on transforming its business, developing its solutions portfolio and simplifying processes in its operating model.
  • In 2020, 2,441 additional jobs were created with our Occupational Health and Safety subsidiary, with more than 146 thousand companies receiving our advisory services, 79 million health services provided and more than 530 thousand support services rendered for our car and household insurance solutions, among others.
  • Innovative solutions were implemented such as the Wellness Platform, the Financial Health program, PAC 60+, Personal Mobility and more services from our Digital Protection Center.

This year, Seguros SURA Colombia is boosting its ability to deliver its capabilities, solutions and products in response to the current situation and the needs of individuals and companies, this by incorporating greater innovation  with delivering its services, more progress with its digital transformation, enabling more channels, expanding its service centers, among other initiatives.

To this end, investments totaling COP 159 billion  are being made this year, with a special focus on technology, infrastructure, operating model and strategic alliances. Consequently, the Company projects that its operating revenues shall reach COP 15.2 trillion at year-end, which is 12% higher than those recorded in 2020 (COP 13.6 trillion). Furthermore, the Company over this past year has allocated more than COP 1.35 trillion to bolster all work fronts in charge of attending the pandemic, with regard to its 12 million unique clients, including its policy-holders, both private individuals and companies, as well as its subsidiaries (EPS (Mandatory Health Care) and ARL (Occupational Health and Safety).

"Over this past year, we accelerated the transformation of our service model and diversified our portfolio to respond to the changing needs of our Colombian people. In 2021 we shall continue to develop innovative solutions, especially in the fields of health care, mobility and connectivity, while striving to help change the habits of people and companies for their greater well-being and competitiveness," stated Juan David Escobar, Chief Executive Officer of Seguros SURA Colombia.

In this sense, the Wellness Platform was created, which gathers recommendations and personalized content in order to incorporate this input in our practices  to improve the quality of life. Likewise, by understanding health in a more comprehensive manner (physical, mental and financial), our healthy population management model is being implemented in some of our corporate offices to strengthen good habits. Also, the Financial Health solution provides knowledge to improve financial behavior in a general sense along with support for companies in caring for their employees in this aspect, and provides a free test that diagnoses people's financial practices.

With regard to the development of new solutions in the voluntary insurance business, it is worth noting that in the case of mobility insurance the Company shall present this year “Muévete libre” (Move Freely) the first solution that insures the person, regardless of their means of transportation, which is a break with the traditional model that previously protected the vehicle and not the policyholders themselves.

The goal of Empresas SURA (SURA Enterprise program) this year is to add another 4,500 Colombian MSMEs for providing them with personalized advice from experts who use their knowledge and tools in various aspects of business management to further the competitiveness and sustainability of this type of enterprise. This is a significant increase compared to the 2,780 personalized support services provided, for a total of 21,000 support and training services for MSMEs during 2020.

In the social security segments, efforts continue to protect lives, improve our members' experience and offer them a differential service. In particular, with regard to the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, there are how 323 vaccination posts, including exclusive SURA IPS and other external ones, with the capacity to apply an average of 784 thousand vaccines per month, this depending on the amount of vaccines supplied by territorial entities.

At the end of 2020, EPS SURA increased its membership base by 17% to 4.19 million with ARL SURA registering 4.3 million workers and 362 thousand companies. For them, the Company delivered more than 79 million health care services, an annual growth of 31%, of which 19.6 million were associated with COVID; as well as 1.4 million advisory services with regard to health promotion and disease prevention, 24% more than in 2019, for companies of all sizes in helping them open up safely.

Finally, in 2021 the Company shall advance with its digital transformation plan, which accelerated during the last year to enable more service centers and new channels, as well as strengthen the 4,400 advisors channel, as one of the most important for the Company.

Figures and highlights of the past year:

  • The case fatality rate of all COVID patients attended by the SURA subsidiaries (EPS (Mandatory Health Care), ARL (Occupational Health and Safety), and the Voluntary Insurance) was a quarter of the nation-wide rate (0.63% vs. 2.73%) at year-end 2021. Out of 310,102 thousand confirmed cases, 308,138 overcame the disease, thanks to the early implementation of processes and improvements with our health care model.
  • The Company also preserved jobs, did not reduce salaries and wages, created 2,441 jobs in Health and Occupational Risks, and made available 30% of its human talent for attending to the pandemic.
  • Ayudas Diagnósticas SURA (the SURA Diagnostic Aids subsidiary) was the first private laboratory in the country to implement PCR testing and processed 16% of the country's samples, this amounting to almost 947 thousand.
  • The remote monitoring model in connection with oxygen therapy was also implemented, delivering some 100,000 kits, with a hospitalization rate of just 2.8%.
  • 10 new insurance solutions were developed, which accounted for 10% of the total premium income recorded.
  • 530 thousand support services were provided in the field of mobility and household insurance and the Company ended 2020 with 6.64 million individuals and 118,000 companies insured, and 530,000 mobility and household assistance services, among others, were provided.
  • Digital transformation: this produced 6 million interactions through our chatbot and WhatsApp; one million users of the Seguros SURA app; and a 90% increase in visits to the Company's websites.