Notice regarding the filing of an authorization request to launch a Public Offer for the Acquisition of Shares (OPA for its acronym in Spanish) in Grupo SURA.

As is public knowledge, on the night of November 30, it was announced that an application for authorization to launch a public tender offer (OPA for its acronym in Spanish) for shares in Grupo SURA was filed before the Colombian Superintendency of Finance. This application must still await approval by the aforementioned authority. While the corresponding procedures are being carried out, all trades of Grupo SURA's ordinary shares on both the Colombian and Santiago de Chile Stock Exchanges have been suspended.

In view of this latest event, Grupo SURA would like to share its position:

  • Naturally, we respect the current market dynamics and expect these to evolve within the corresponding regulatory frameworks according to the highest ethical standards. In this regard, we have officially requested our local regulator, the Colombian Superintendency of Finance (Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia), to review the legality as well as the implications, for the Company, for the market as well as the country itself, of the application which was announced last night.

  • Grupo SURA's Board of Directors, with the support of a group of external consultants who are experts in different disciplines, shall evaluate all the possible scenarios that could arise, depending on whatever the regulator should so decide.

  • Yesterday's application for the tender offer in question is a new, substantive and determining factor that hinders our due, orderly and rigorous analysis of the tender offer for shares in Grupo Nutresa.

  • In view of both unsolicited tender offers (the one involving Grupo Nutresa and that currently being reviewed by the Colombian Superintendency of Finance
    for a stake in Grupo SURA’s share capital), we would like to ratify yet again our ongoing commitment to our shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors and the public at large, who have always throughout the passage of time believed in a business management model that creates economic and social value in all those territories where we are present.

  • We owe it to millions of our clients, both private individuals and companies, together with thousands of our shareholders, who have placed their trust in, and have come to rely on SURA for the last 77 years, first in the country and now throughout Latin America.

  • It is important to point out that the announcement made on November 30 does not affect the normal course of business of both Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries, in terms of the products, solutions and services with which we are providing our support to millions of people and companies throughout Latin America.

    Today, more than ever, we understand that Grupo SURA forms part of the heritage of both our Colombian and Latin American citizens, and we shall act
    accordingly, in full compliance with our principles.