Measures taken by Grupo SURA in connection with the tender offer allocated on Friday, January 14, and the request for a new tender offer.*

Grupo Sura informs the market of the measures taken in connection with the tender offer allocated on Friday, January 14th, and informs about the request for a new tender offer:

Pursuant to its fiduciary duty, since the first week of December 2021, Grupo SURA brought to the attention of the competent regulatory authorities the circumstances that, in its opinion and that of its external advisors, are breaches and irregularities in the procedure for the authorization of the first tender offer, which allocation was reported on Friday, January 14 by the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC). To date, Grupo SURA has not received any response to the legal actions filed regarding connection therewith.

We remain convinced that our institutional authorities are the most appropriate channels for examining these issues and, in this regard, we shall continue to act through them, within the rule of law.

Last Friday, it was announced that the same bidder filed a request for a second tender offer for shares of Grupo SURA, which must be analyzed by the Colombian
Superintendency of Finance. This request temporarily suspended the trade of the Company's common stock, and extends, for an additional period, the application of the so-called "passivity rule", applicable to the target of a tender offer in Colombia, therefore limiting Grupo SURA's scope and capacity for action and communication. This passivity rule has applied to the Company since December 1st, 2021.

Finally, based on the premise that tender offers are mechanisms provided by Colombian law, which Grupo SURA duly respects, the Company's actions are aimed at ensuring that shareholders have access to accurate, complete, and sufficient information to make informed decisions. In this sense, we call for a responsible handling of information, while rejecting the unfounded attacks that are circulating today, and we encourage a technical conversation, with the respect required to ensure that operations of this nature, remain precise and transparent for shareholders and society in general.

*This free translation is for illustration purposes only. The Información Relevante published in Spanish on January 16, 2022 is the official version.