Investment made in the company, Vaccigen S.A.S.

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana SA (“Grupo SURA”) hereby announces an investment made by the company Ayudas Diagnósticas SURA S.A.S, the Diagnostic Aids Subsidiary of Suramericana S.A. (in turn a subsidiary of Grupo SURA), in the company Vaccigen S.A.S

The amount invested comes to USD 1.5 million, through which Ayudas Diagnosticas SURA S.A.S acquired a fifty percent (50%) stake in the aforementioned company. It is important to mention that in spite of the amount initially invested, the first stage of this venture shall require a total of USD 54 (fifty-four) million.

Vaccigen S.A.S. is a company domiciled in Colombia whose economic activity is focused on research and experimental development in the field of natural sciences and engineering. Using its knowledge of biotechnology, the Company aims to carry out research work and develop biologicals for the entire world from its home base here in Colombia, while creating the necessary infrastructure for producing vaccines and other types of biologicals on both a domestic and regional level, which up till now has not been possible; this together with importing and marketing these same preparations.

In carrying out its corporate purpose, the Company shall become known under the brand name VaxThera.