Grupo SURA´s Shareholders appointed a new Board of Directors

  • At an Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting, the Company’s highest corporate governing body voted on a new Board of Directors which shall remain in force until March 2024.
  • In order to ensure a proportional shareholder representation, the General Assembly of Shareholders decided not to apply the Company’s Appointment Policy and instead allowed all the proposed candidates to be included in the vote.
  • This governing body is comprised of three independent members and four equity members, and complies with the Company's bylaws as well as Colombian legislation.

Grupo SURA’s General Assembly of Shareholders  decided this Tuesday morning that Grupo Sura´s Board of Directors, for the period beginning on November 22, 2022 and ending on March 31, 2024, shall be comprised of the independent members Jaime Alberto Arrubla Paucar, Guillermo Villegas Ortega and María Ximena Lombana Villalba, as well as the equity members Jaime Velásquez Botero, David Yanovich Wancier, Gabriel Gilinski Kardonski and Ángela María Tafur Domínguez.

Consequently, and in accordance with the Company's corporate governance rules and regulations, the proposals of certain candidates to modify the structure of the Board of Directors, as presented by the shareholders Grupo Argos, Sator, JGDB Holding and Nugil were submitted for the consideration of the shareholders.

"We thank all our shareholders for their decision today to appoint a new Board of Directors that, very importantly, recognizes the right of proportional representation, commensurate with our shareholder structure. We also value their vote of confidence in the Company’s Management, from where we shall always continue working to safeguard the general interests of the Company, all its shareholders as well as our other stakeholders", stated Gonzalo Perez, President of Grupo SURA.

This Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting, the eleventh held in just the last year was called by Company Management in order to reorganize the aforementioned corporate governing body, in view of the fact that four members of the Board of Directors had resigned from their posts with immediate effect on the morning of November 10. In the next few days, the new Board of Directors shall meet to appoint its Chairman, and Vice-Chairman as well as to form its different support Board Committees.

Among the interventions on the part of the shareholders  during this meeting, emphasis was placed on their message to the Board of Directors to ensure that the latter´s actions remain in the best interests of the Company and that social, economic, environmental and strategic aspects are taken into account when making investment and divestment decisions.