Grupo SURA´s General Assembly of Shareholders approved a modification to the members serving on the Company’s Board of Directors

  • At an Extraordinary Meeting, the Company’s highest corporate governing body voted for a new composition of the Board of Directors .
  • The decision was made by means of the electoral quotient mechanism, as provided by Colombian legislation for appointing collegiate bodies of commercial companies.
  • The new Board of Directors maintains the same distribution as before that is to say three independent and four equity members and reflects the Company’s shareholder structure.

The Shareholders at an Extraordinary Meeting held on Monday morning decided that Grupo SURA's Board of Directors for the period June 2022 to March 2024 shall be comprised of the independent members Jaime Bermúdez Merizalde, María Carolina Uribe Arango and José Luis Suárez Parra, as well as the equity members Jorge Mario Velásquez Jaramillo, Alejandro Piedrahíta Borrero, Gabriel Gilinski Kardonski and Ángela María Tafur.

Thus, in accordance with the Company's corporate governance rules, the proposed candidates for modifying the composition of the Board of Directors as presented by the shareholders JGDB Holding S.A.S. and Grupo Argos S.A. were submitted for the consideration of the General Assembly of Shareholders. For the voting that led to this decision, the electoral quotient mechanism was used, as established by Colombian law for appointing collegiate bodies of commercial companies, which guarantees that shareholder rights are duly protected.

"This decision on the part of our General Assembly of Shareholders confirms the soundness of the Company's corporate governance, since it recognizes the right to proportional representation on the Board of Directors as a decision-making body, in the light of recent changes to our shareholder structure," commented Gonzalo Pérez, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo SURA.

It is worth remembering that this Extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting was held in response to a request filed by the shareholders JGDB Holding S.A.S. and Juan Pablo Quintero Rodríguez on June 1st.

Prior to Monday's Extraordinary Meeting, a report on the evaluations performed on the candidates proposed to serve on the Board was posted on the Company's website for the consideration of all Grupo SURA´S shareholders. This report contained the analysis conducted as part of the Company´s internal procedures applicable to this type of appointment and was approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Finally, as stipulated by the General Assembly of Shareholders at their Annual Meeting held on March 25, Grupo SURA´s Board of Directors shall ensure that all its members comply with the rules and regulations applicable to possible competition and conflicts of interest as established by Colombian legislation and the Company's own internal policies.