Grupo SURA’s General Assembly of Shareholders approved a 30% increase in this year´s dividend compared to that paid out last year and appointed a new Board of Directors for the period 2022-2024.

  • COP 784 shall be paid out for each outstanding ordinary and preferred share, this in four equal installments of COP 196 in April, July and October 2022, and January 2023.
  • At this year´s Annual Shareholders´ Meeting Grupo SURA made special mention of the accelerated recovery achieved in 2021 as well as the progress made with a balanced business management with a long-term view of its financial, social, human and natural capital.
  • The Company projects a 10% to 15% growth in its consolidated net income by the end of 2022.
  • Grupo SURA's management priorities for 2022 are to continue creating value for its shareholders, increasing the profitability of its investment portfolio and reducing its overall indebtedness.
  • The new Board of Directors appointed to serve for the next two years shall have three independent and four equity members.

The Annual Meeting of Grupo SURA’s General Assembly of Shareholders ended at midday last Friday, having approved an ordinary dividend of COP 784 per share, as proposed by the Board of Directors on February 25. This represents a 30% increase compared to that approved in 2021 and demonstrates the Company’s commitment to creating value for all its shareholders.

This decision maintains the dividend's upward trend, which over the last 20 years has recorded a compound annual growth rate of 10%. The total amount to be paid out in the form of an ordinary dividend comes to COP 454,115 million, to be paid in  in four equal installments of COP 196 per share on the following dates: April 1, July 1 and October 3, 2022, and a last one on January 2, 2023.

"This increase in the dividends to be paid out this year reflects Grupo SURA's commitment to creating value for all its shareholders, a commitment that goes hand in hand with preserving a balanced portfolio with a long-term vision while helping to ensure a harmonious level of development for society. By the end of 2022, we project that Grupo SURA's consolidated net income will increase by between 10% and 15% compared to last year," stated Gonzalo Pérez, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo SURA.

The executive added that this year the Company shall continue with its deleveraging efforts, backed by an increase in dividends received. It also projects that its return on equity ratio (adjusted ROE) will be in the range of 8% to 9%, with a view to exceeding the cost of capital by 2024 1.

Grupo SURA's management focus this year shall be on its targeted objectives of creating value for all shareholders, increasing the profitability of its portfolio investments and reducing its indebtedness. As for its subsidiaries, Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, these are considering investing in the further development of their different lines of business this totaling USD 223 million (about COP 850,000 million), including new products and solutions, digitalization, technological upgrades, among others, while continuing to be relevant for more than 42.8 million clients in 10 countries throughout the region.

A well-balanced four-capital framework

During the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, the financial statements and the 2021 Management Report from the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer  were also explained and approved. Here special mention was given to Grupo SURA's progress as an investment manager as it seeks greater sustainable profitability through a long-term vision of its four capitals:

  • Financial capital: last year, the profitability of each of the portfolio's investments was monitored, thereby obtaining greater efficiencies and a disciplined control over expenses, this in order to ensure an adequate flow of dividends to the Company in 2022, which is estimated to be around COP 1.1 trillion, the highest ever recorded, after the positive results of 2021, which produced consolidated revenues of COP 24.8 trillion and a consolidated net income of COP 1.5 trillion.
  • Social capital: Over this past year, the Companies belonging to the Sura Business Group participated in a total of 398 projects, in partnership with various organizations in order to improve in different ways the lives of more than 800 thousand people and enhance the sustainability of close to 3 thousand organizations, mainly social, cultural and educational in nature, in all 10 countries in the region where SURA is present.
  • Human capital: 33,408 employees of Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries worked hand in hand with 48 thousand suppliers to create more value for Latin Americans, reinforce our operating transformations and further develop our portfolios of products, solutions and services. Also 42% of a total of 5,279 new hires for filling available vacancies corresponded to under 30s age group.
  • Natural capital: over the last year, Grupo SURA has made progress on an action framework for managing the risks and opportunities arising from climate change; its Sustainable Investment Policy was also updated, in keeping with global trends; and Suramericana and SURA Asset Management encouraged the development of products and solutions that incorporate ESG criteria.
    "A balanced management of our financial, social, human and natural capital is a  fundamental factor for the ongoing sustainability of Grupo SURA´s portfolio investments and to ensure a 100% return for our shareholders, not only in the short, but also in the mid- to long term.” stated Gonzalo Perez.

Corporate governance.

The General Assembly of Shareholders approved a new Board of Directors consisting of: 3 independent members (which is a higher proportion than that required by Colombian regulations) along with 4 equity members. This change recognizes the Company's new shareholder structure and allows for adequate shareholder representation on the Board of Directors.

Jaime Bermúdez Merizalde, María Carolina Uribe Arango, shall continue to serve as independent members on this newly appointed Board of Directors , and Jorge Mario Velásquez Jaramillo, Carlos Ignacio Gallego and Alejandro Piedrahíta Botero, shall continue as equity members. José Luis Suárez Parra (independent member) and Gabriel Gilinski Kardonski (equity member) are the new members joining the Board.

"We are driven every day to become a company in which results are just as important as the manner in which we achieve them, while recognizing our role in creating public value, and acting and making decisions based on our ethical values and integrity. This we have done for more than 77 years of our corporate history, and we shall continue to do so upholding a firm commitment to become increasingly relevant to the people and companies that believe in SURA throughout Latin America," concluded the Chief Executive Officer of Grupo SURA.

1.These forward-looking statements relating to Grupo SURA, Suramericana, SURA Asset Management and their respective subsidiaries have been drawn up based on assumptions and estimates made by the Company's Senior Management. For illustrative and decision-making purposes, these figures are administrative and non-accounting in nature, which is why they may differ from those presented by official entities. Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana is not responsible in any way for updating or correcting the information contained in this presentation.