Grupo SURA is recognized by ALAS20 as one of the companies with the best practices in responsible investment and sustainability in Latin America

  • This recognition was in the categories of Sustainability, Corporate Governance and Investor Relations.
  • The Company was ranked among the top 10 Colombian companies in the aforementioned categories.
  • ALAS20 is an initiative sponsored by GovernArt, a Chilean think tank that encourages companies and investors to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria into their processes.

Grupo SURA was recognized by the Sustainable Leaders Agenda, ALAS20, for its good reporting practices in terms of sustainable development, corporate governance and responsible investing. In this year´s ranking, evaluated by Vigeo Eiris , a subsidiary of the ratings agency Moody's, the Company was placed in seventh position in the categories : Leading Company in Sustainability, Leading Company in Corporate Governance and Leading Company in Investor Relations, all of these in the Colombia chapter.

As an organization and as corporate citizens we have assumed our commitment to the environment we inhabit. For this reason, consistency in decision making and in the way we relate to society is fundamental. The ALAS20 analysis allows us to identify opportunities to continue improving on key issues for our sustainability," explained Mónica Guarín, Chief Human and Social Development Officer at Grupo SURA.

This recognition, together with the Company being readmitted for the eleventh year running in the Dow Jones Sustainability Global Index, is based on the initiatives and strategies that Grupo SURA and its businesses have implemented this year to promote a more harmonious level of social development. The more important of these are: the updating of Grupo SURA's Sustainable Investment Policy, in which priority environmental, social and governance risks were defined; SURA Asset Management’s adhesion to the Latin American Investor Climate Initiative, forming a part of the COP26 framework; and Suramericana creating its own environmental radar, the aim of which is to develop knowledge on this front that can be shared with clients, mainly in the Corporate Segment.

Similarly, other companies in Grupo SURA's investment portfolio, such as Bancolombia and Grupo Argos, obtained relevant positions in this ranking, which ratifies the efforts of these organizations to do business by recognizing their implicit role as corporate citizens. 

The ALAS20 initiative, promoted by the GovernArt think tank, evaluates, rates and recognizes excellence in the public disclosure of information on sustainable development , corporate governance, and responsible investment practices by companies and investors in different Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Peru.