• The purpose behind these open digital spaces is to encourage greater reflection on what people and companies are going through, issues which are critical for a harmonious and resilient level of development, this in conjunction with leaders and thinkers from several areas.
  • Climate change, resilient cities, building the public sphere, the future of our SMEs, among others, are just part of an agenda that can be extended to cover other topics as proposed by all those citizens interested in participating.
  • The Organization considers that more important than being included in the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index 2020, is being able to continue creating added value to the different societies of which we form part throughout Latin America.

The pandemic has demonstrated, much more than ever, that by pooling knowledge, cultivating collective thought and acting together as part of our joint responsibility, we can face and overcome these challenging times for all mankind. This begins by holding conversations, by really listening to each other, so that together we can find answers to all those questions that we have with regard to the uncertainty that we are all experiencing.

Consistent with this premise, and because Grupo SURA was again included for the tenth straight year in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI), we shall begin with a  series of digital talks that shall be made available to everyone, these to be staged beginning in December, and shall include topics that are crucial for attaining harmonious and resilient levels of development, such as: climate change, the future of SMEs, building the public sphere, supply chains, companies and human rights, state of democracy, among others. These issues shall be prioritized while others may be added, this based on a broad consultation of all those Latin American citizens interested in participating  (application form).

“Our aim is to encourage more conversation on how we can all build new realities, so that more people as well as companies can better grasp the roles they play in ensuring our ongoing sustainability, this in the form of a collective construction. For SURA this is a permanent commitment, which begins by taking charge of managing our environment and the prevailing uncertainty. This challenges us to look ahead in order to help build more resilient societies by actively taking measures on the economic, social and environmental fronts,” stated Gonzalo Pérez, CEO of Grupo SURA.

For this reason, our Subsidiaries throughout the region have sought to help ensure our sustainability amid the current situation and have adapted and transformed their models so as to be able to provide knowledge and capabilities that are proving to be useful for both people and companies. This has been made possible by the various products, solutions and services offered as part of the different lines of business of Suramericana (insurance, trend & risk management) and SURA Asset Management (pensions, voluntary savings, investment and asset management), together with the consistency and good practices that guide our long-term bonds with employees, clients, suppliers, partners and other groups with whom we engage.

We are firmly convinced that acting together in conjunction is more important than whatever good we can do individually. That is why, more important than being readmitted to the world’s top sustainability index, is the fact that we are using our capabilities to help address problems such as inequality, unemployment, business informality and health care, among others, more so today now that the region’s recovery depends on each and every one of us”, added Gonzalo Pérez.

Results obtained with the Dow Jones Annual Index Results

Finally, Grupo SURA is one of the companies included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, as S&P announced this Friday. The DJSI Index evaluated Grupo SURA´s own performance as a holding company, as well as that of its core subsidiaries, Suramericana and SURA Asset Management. Consequent we rank among as the second company in the world, from the Diverse Financial Services and Capital Markets sector, having obtained a score that is 81% higher than those obtained by 17 companies from our own sector which were also included in this global index. Furthermore, it is the only company of Latin American origin from this industry to form part of this index and, again, was included in the DJSI Emerging Markets Index as well as the MILA Index.

“We congratulate Grupo SURA for being included in the DJSI Global Index. A DJSI distinction is a reflection of being a sustainability leader in your industry. With a record number of companies participating in the 2020 Corporate Sustainability Assessment and more stringent rules for inclusion this year, this sets your company apart and rewards your continued commitment to people and planet.", said Manjit Jus, Global Head of ESG Research and Data, S&P Global.

Grupo SURA DJSI results