• This year’s global ranking, drawn up by the German consulting firm Statista, examined 750 companies from 45 countries.
  • SURA was ranked in 483 position, being the only Colombian company to be listed and the only Latin American company from the insurance sector.
  • For this year's Best Employer Ranking, Forbes magazine assessed candidate performance from the standpoint of human talent management this against the specific backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, namely preserving and creating jobs, ensuring the welfare of both employees and their families as well as providing flexible working conditions given today’s new reality.

The Forbes magazine, in partnership with the consulting firm Statista, presented its 2020 List of the top 750 companies ranked as the best employers in the world. On this occasion, SURA was ranked in No. 483 position, being the only Colombian company to be included in the list and the only Latin American company from the insurance sector.

This recognition reflects the Company's efforts to protect the jobs and well-being of its employees and their families in the midst of the current pandemic; all this while creating new job opportunities in these challenging times.

This year’s ranking included companies from 36 different sectors in a total of 45 countries around the world, including 16 of Latin American origin.

In drawing up this year’s ranking Statista surveyed more than 160,000 workers from 58 different countries. These surveys were carried out anonymously, thereby allowing participants to openly share their opinions and evaluate their companies on issues such as gender equity, talent development, social responsibility and responsiveness to the pandemic.

"This acknowledgement encourages us to continue with our efforts with our human talent, which now numbers more than 22 thousand people who bring the SURA brand to life every day. In these times of great change, we have valued our capacity to learn, to talk and listen and understand different social and family contexts in order to implement practices that allow us to continue building trust and helping our people to achieve their personal goals, and in so doing strengthen organizational purposes," stated Luz Marina Velásquez, Chief Human Talent Officer for Seguros SURA Colombia.

So far this year, SURA has been able to preserve 100% of its jobs while creating more than 2,000 new jobs, 1,700 of which have helped to reinforce the health care sector in Colombia in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Similarly, the Company has developed other initiatives to care for its employees, these including its line of psychological care, flexible working hours so as to allow employees to spend time with their families as well as internal volunteer work focused on helping our employee’s children with doing their schoolwork from home.