Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting August 24, 2022*

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. ("Grupo SURA"), hereby announces that an Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting was held today, called for by the Company´s Statutory Auditing firm ("EY"), at the request of Jaime Gilinski on behalf of JGDB Holding SAS and Juan Pablo Quintero. The purpose of this meeting was for EY and the Company´s Senior Management to provide explanations regarding the agreements entered into with the strategic partners of Grupo SURA´s subsidiaries, Suramericana and Sura Asset Management (the "Agreements").

Firstly EY, and then Senior Management in conjunction with the majority of the members of the Board of Directors, presented their reports on the activities they have been carrying out with regard to the accounting treatment of the Agreements, which, since the IFRS came into full force and effect, have been reflected in the consolidated financial statements as minority shareholdings.

The General Assembly of Shareholders concluded that both the Statutory Auditing firm and Grupo SURA´s Governance and Oversight bodies have been diligently performing their duties and shall inform the market of their findings, as well as any modification to the accounting policy, should this be necessary.

Once the reports were submitted and after some deliberation on the part of the shareholders, the proposal contained in the call to appoint an external auditor to, among other things, review the accounting and financial impact of shareholder agreements, was withdrawn.

* This free translation is for illustration purposes only. The Información Relevante published in Spanish on August 24, 2022 is the official version.