Grupo de inversiones Suramericana S.A. (Grupo SURA) hereby reports on the agreements signed by its subsidiaries, Inversiones y Construcciones Estratégicas S.A.S. (ICE) and Servicios Generales Suramericana S.A.S. (SGS), for the purpose of transferring to Sodexo S.A. and Sodexo Pass International S.A.S., their entire (100%) stake in Sodexo S.A.S. (Sodexo On-Site) and Sodexo Servicios de Beneficios e Incentivos Colombia S.A. (Sodexo Beneficios) respectively. These latter Colombian companies offer their food and facility maintenance services to corporate clients, as well as incentives for enhancing the quality of life of employees in Colombia.

The shares to be sold by ICE and SGS and acquired by Sodexo represent 35% of the share capital belonging to Sodexo On-Site and 49% of that corresponding to Sodexo Beneficios, with their purchase price set at COP 74,066 million (USD 21.6 million).

This transaction is in keeping with the SURA Business Group’s strategic priority of optimizing its invested capital mainly with its core lines of business namely financial services, insurance, pension funds, savings and investment.