Decisions made at an Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly of Shareholders

In compliance with current reporting requirements, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. (“Grupo
SURA”) hereby announces the following decision taken at an Extraordinary Meeting of its General
Assembly of Shareholders held today.

  • As Grupo SURA informed the public securities market on June 22nd, the purpose of this extraordinary meeting consisted of deliberating on the potential conflicts of interest stated by certain members of its Board of Directors, with regard to deciding on the Tender Offer launched by the company Nugil S.A.S on May 19, 2022 for the purpose of acquiring shares in Grupo Argos S.A. (“the Grupo Argos Tender Offer”).

  • The communications sent by the members of the Company’s Board of Directors, namely Jaime Sebastián Orejuela M., Luis Santiago Cuartas T., Jose Luis Suarez P., Luis Javier Zuluaga P., Pablo Londoño M. and Gabriel Gilinski K., who requested an analysis to be performed on their possible conflicts of interest for participating in the decision to be taken with regard to the aforementioned Tender Offer, were made available on the web page:

The Shareholders' at today´s Extraordinary Meeting authorized Jaime Sebastián Orejuela M., Luis Santiago Cuartas T., Luis Javier Zuluaga P. and Pablo Londoño M. to decide on the Tender Offer launched by Nugil S.A.S. for shares in Grupo Argos while deciding not to authorize Jose Luis Suarez P. and Gabriel Gilinski K., to participate in this decision.

In accordance with the decision adopted by the Shareholders, the Board of Directors of Grupo SURA has the necessary quorum to deliberate and decide on this matter, for which it will meet starting tomorrow, so that a timely decision can be made within the term allowed for acceptances to be made in the context of the Grupo Argos tender offer.

* This free translation is for illustration purposes only. The Información Relevante published in Spanish on June 29, 2022 is the official version.