Colombian Superintendency of Finance has announced that it shall begin to oversee financial conglomerates

Given the fact that the Colombian Superintendency of Finance (Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia) has announced that it shall begin to oversee financial conglomerates, the SURA-Bancolombia Financial Conglomerate being one of these, Grupo SURA as this Conglomerate´s financial holding would like to make known the following:

1. It is indeed most beneficial for the country to adopt practices based on international standards designed to exercise a prudential regulation over the finance industry.

2. We do not foresee that this regulatory change shall have any impact whatsoever on operating issues relating to the relationship we maintain with our clients and the experience we provide these both in Colombia as well as in other countries within the region where the companies belonging to this conglomerate are present.

3. Grupo SURA, in its role as Financial Holding, shall continue working in close conjunction with all the other companies belonging to the aforementioned Conglomerate for the purpose of designing and implementing an institutional relationship framework and in this way facilitate the adoption of all applicable legal guidelines primarily those governing corporate governance and risk management. It is worth noting that the term provided for implementing the aforementioned policies is until the first half of 2020.