Clarification regarding some publications appearing in certain media outlets with respect to Grupo Sura and its related companies. *

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana SA (“Grupo Sura”), in compliance with its duties to disclose relevant information, and in particular, (i) the duty imposed by the rules and regulations governing the Colombian securities market to inform, deny or clarify the truthfulness of any facts, as disclosed by the media, and that have to do with relevant information concerning the issuer, and (ii) its obligation to protect the SURA brand, an asset whose economic value is not only significant, but also forms part of the net worth of both the Company and all its shareholders, would like to make known to the market the following relevant information.

1. Due to multiple publications appearing in certain media outlets, which include inaccurate information regarding Grupo Sura and some of its subsidiaries, we consider it relevant to begin as of today to provide clarifications such as this one, taking into account the beginning of the acceptance period of the tender offer presented by the company JGDB S.A.S. for shares in Grupo SURA.

2. In particular, we categorically deny the publications appearing in certain media that stated that Gabriel Boric's victory in the Chilean presidential elections means that Grupo Sura would lose its pension business in that country. We would also like to make it clear that, to date, we do not know of any decision that the Chilean government has made in this regard.

This type of inaccurate information could affect the confidence of both investors as well as the clients of Grupo Sura and its related companies (these including holders of insurance policies, subscribers of the EPS Sura health system, savers with the different modalities and products offered by the SURA Asset Management subsidiaries, such as pension fund members in several Latin American countries, etc.). We would also like to warn the investors, our shareholders and the authorities of the risks for Grupo Sura and hence its shareholders, when erroneous information is published.

3. Likewise, we would also like to advise the public that the website was not built by Grupo SURA nor were we requested authorization to use the SURA brand. In view of the foregoing, Grupo SURA is not responsible for any information published on said web page and requests the Colombian Superintendency of Finance to ensure the truthfulness of any information regarding an issuer of securities that is published by means of a mass media communications (as it is a web site).

Finally, in compliance with the duties already stated, we shall issue the necessary publications so that Grupo Sura’s shareholders are able to have complete, accurate and timely information that allows them to make informed decisions about their investments.

* This free translation is for illustration purposes only. The Información Relevante published in Spanish on December 24, 2021 is the official version.