Call for an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

In compliance with current reporting requirements, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. (Grupo SURA) hereby announces that, taking into account a request received on June 1st from the shareholders JGDB Holding S.A.S. and Juan Pablo Quintero Rodríguez, the latter´s CEO, an Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting has been called for, subject to the following terms:

Date: Monday June 13, 2022
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Venue: Salón Siglo XXI del Country Club Ejecutivos, ubicado en la Diagonal 28, Kilómetro 5, Av. Las Palmas # 16 – 129, en Medellín.
Manner for holding this meeting: In person

The agenda for this meeting, as proposed by the shareholders JGDB Holding S.A.S. and Juan Pablo Quintero Rodríguez is as follows:

1. Verification of the quorum
2. Reading out the meeting´s agenda.
3. Appointing the Chairman and Secretary to this meeting.
4. Appointing a commission in charge of reviewing, approving and signing the minutes of this meeting.
5. Appointing a commission for verifying the ballots cast.
6. Appointing a new Board of Directors for the Company.

All those shareholders who are unable to attend this meeting in person may be represented by providing a duly completed power of attorney. Pursuant to Article 185 of the Colombian Code of Commerce, except in cases of legal representation, the Company's directors and employees may not represent shares other than their own at the meeting while they are in office, nor may they substitute the powers of attorney granted to them.

Once the Company receives proposals corresponding to potential candidates for members of the Board of Directors and any other additional information relating to the matters to be discussed at this meeting, said information shall be duly published on the Company´s corporate website.

Chief Executive Officer