Announcements previously published by the Company

Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana S.A. ("Grupo SURA") hereby announces to the market that:

Today, Luis Javier Zuluaga, Sebastián Orejuela, Santiago Cuartas and Pablo Londoño resigned as members of the Board of Directors, with immediate effect. This means that Grupo SURA has no duly integrated Board of Directors that meets the requirements set forth in Law 964 of 2005 and that can validly decide on the matters brought before them.

Despite this, after the Board of Directors ceased to be duly integrated, the directors Angela María Tafur, María Ximena Lombana and Andrés Bernal held a meeting for which they had no legal or statutory powers. At this meeting, they expressed their intention to accept the tender offer for shares of GRUPO NUTRESA. This is not a decision that was made by Grupo Sura’s Board of Directors. As such, it is non-existent. Consequently, Grupo SURA has not made any decision whatsoever with regard to the current tender offer for shares in NUTRESA.

Grupo SURA would therefore like to bring this situation to the attention of the market as well as the competent authorities in order to avoid any disinformation affecting the public securities market that could have serious effects for all its participants.

Grupo SURA shall call for an Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting to appoint a new Board of Directors, in which there shall be a proportional representation of all the Company’s shareholders and which shall be able to validly deliberate and decide on the tender offer for a stake in NUTRESA, should the Offeror be interested in extending the period for accepting prospective offers.

In light of today's events, Grupo SURA is evaluating all pertinent legal actions, in the best interest of both the Company and all its shareholders.