Shareholders and Investors

Company owners and capital suppliers, including their intermediaries and other related actors, which follow and leverage the organization’s performance.

This group of stakeholders consists of the following subgroups:

  • Current and potential shareholders and investors:
  • Pension funds
  • International investors
  • Local funds
  • Foundations
  • Retail investors
  • Institutional investors
  • Market intermediaries:
  • Stockbrokers and banks
  • Analysts and market research areas
  • Stock exchanges
  • Rating agencies

If you would like more information about our shareholders and investors, visit our Investors’ relations page.

Objective of the relationship
  • Build confidence in the company, based on transparency and access to clear, complete, and timely information.
  • Strengthen their status as strategic allies for achieving the corporate objectives.

Investors Kit Q423

Download our investor kit, a tool that will allow you to easily utilize the figures of our organization.

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