Dow Jones Index

Dow Jones Index

Learn about the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and who is part of it

What is the Dow Jones

It is an index that measures the economic, environmental and social performance of the main companies of the world, listing a stock exchange.

It is one of the main references in terms of business sustainability.

What are the dimensions analyzed?
  • Economic: evaluates aspects such as Corporate Governance, Code of conduct, risks and customer management, among others.
  • Environmental: considers, among others, risks and opportunities, strategy against climate change and eco-efficiency.
  • Social: assess issues such as the management of Human Rights, financial inclusion, human talent and corporate citizenship.

Who participated?

3,500 companies were invited, of which 10% were chosen with best practices. In total, 370 companies entered in 2017, from 24 industries and belonging to 29 countries.

What are the categories of the Index?
  • DJSI World: Includes only 10% of companies with best practices globally.
  • DJSI Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and emerging markets: Includes only 20% of companies with best practices in each region.
  • DJSI Australia, Chile and Korea: Includes only 30% of the companies with best practices in each country.

Which companies in our portfolio belong to the World DJSI?

  • Bancolombia S.A.
  • Grupo Nutresa S.A
  • Grupo Argos S.A / Colombia
  • Cementos Argos S.A
Importance of the Dow Jones

This recognition demonstrates our purpose of generating value and confidence in the long term. Ricardo Jaramillo Mejía, Vice President of Corporate Finance of GRUPO SURA.

Our evolution in the DJSI

Our evolution of the historical score and its rating in the dimensions of the Index.