Catalina Restrepo Duque

She is a lawyer, holds a master’s degree in Economic Analysis of Law and Public Policies (University of Salamanca, Spain), and has pursued additional studies in organizational transformation, private international law, corporate governance, among other subjects.

She has extensive professional experience in strategic leadership in legal matters, human talent management, organizational culture, business transformation processes, operations integration, and organizational performance in various sectors.

Since September 2019, she has been the Human Resources Manager at Grupo SURA, where she primarily leads the implementation of guidelines and best practices for the comprehensive management of talent, strengthening corporate culture, and aligning the organizational structure with the Company’s strategic objectives.

Previously, she served as the Manager of Well-being and Environment at ARUS, a subsidiary of Grupo SURA that provides knowledge-based technological solutions; she also held the position of Legal Director at Fabricato, Multienlace, and Teleperformance.

Foto de Catalina Restrepo Duque

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