Other Services

Other Services

Our portfolio is complemented by investments in companies in which we identify their growth potential as well as eventual synergies based on their capabilities and knowledge to leverage our businesses.


Resource management business which provides individuals and businesses peace of mind to pay their social security through its platform called SuAporte, which serves their needs in a quick, timely and reliable manner


ArusTechnology - Information - Knowledge

  • Colombia



HábitatComprehensive services for senior citizens

  • Colombia


We are minority shareholders in the operation in Colombia of the French multinational Sodexo, a company that develops and delivers a wide variety of services that serve four market segments: Corporate Services, Health, Education and Remote Sites (Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy).


SodexoOn-site services, food, cleaning and maintenance, among others. Support to improve the welfare of its employees and the performance of its facilities.

  • Colombia

In our portfolio we also have other investments in which we have minority interests, among which  Enka, Tipiel y Promotora de Proyectos, among others.

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