We are a holding with a portfolio that includes investments in the industry, such as Grupo Nutresa (processed foods) and Grupo Argos (cement, power and concessions).

Grupo Argos

A holding focused on sustainable investments in infrastructure in Latin America, with businesses diversified in categories, such as: Cement, concrete, aggregates, power generation and distribution, real estate, road and airport concessions, and business support.


Grupo ArgosCements, Power and Infrastructure

  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • United States
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Panama
  • Dominican Republic
  • Venezuela
First semester 2018 Full Year of 2017
Variable Value Variable Value
Revenues 6,927,656 Revenues 2,611,716
Net Profit 453,813 Net Profit 615,229
Assets 46,769,908 Assets 26,809,228
Equity 23,888,563 Equity 8,497,939
Market Value**: 16,588,168

* Share over ordinary shares (with voting rights). Stock composition of the chart corresponds to total capital (including preferred shares).
**At the end of Q4.
***Figures in millions of Colombian Pesos.

Grupo Nutresa

A holding focused on the food sector which operates in 14 countries with businesses diversified in categories (cold cuts, crackers, chocolates, coffees, ice cream, pasta and consumer foods), markets, raw materials and distribution networks.


Grupo NutresaProcessed Foods

  • Colombia
First semester 2018 Full Year of 2017
Variable Value Variable Value
Revenues 4,326,514 Revenues 8,695,604
Net Profit 246,271 Net Profit 424,340
Assets 13,695,587 Assets 14,309,477
Equity 8,456,794 Equity 8,950,181
Market Value**: 12,423,333

*At the end of Q4
**Figures in millions of Colombian Pesos

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