With drone-based aerial inspections, ARL SURA continues to safeguard the lives of Colombian workers

​ Medellin, August 27 2015.  ARL SURA is offering its member companies two new services, the first of their kind on the Colombian market. These are drone-based aerial inspections, a new technology that will mitigate labor risks and prevent accidents with regard to workers at their specific workplaces as well as a Virtual Consultancy Service providing on-line support and advice on how to handle occupational risk. Aerial inspections carried out by drones can reach a height of between 20 and 50 meters. These drones are equipped with integrated cameras that are able to take pictures in real time and record high definition videos, thereby providing a detailed review of specific locations so as to identify hazards to which a worker may be exposed. Subsequently, the images captured by the drone are used to draw up a detailed report that the Company sends to the client showing the findings obtained by these aerial inspections. This procedure which used to take approximately 15 days to carry out is now performed by drones in a single day. As part of its commitment to offer its members more and better options for handling and mitigating workplace risk, ARL SURA is placing its drones at the disposal of all types of businesses in different places in the country, but primarily on those belonging to the oil, construction and electrical sectors amongst others. On the other hand, ARL SURA´s Virtual Consultancy Service shall cater to more than 80,000 of its members, especially SMEs, so that these may receive customized attention depending on their needs, which can be accessed either through a video call or an application for mobile devices that can be downloaded for free from App Store or Play Store. This option allows ARL SURA´s members to receive comprehensive advice through: 1) speaking directly to a member of our advisory staff; 2) uploading photos of the workplace so as to find out about the risk factors present; 3) showing specific places of the workplace; 4) assigning dates for future advisory services and visits; and 5) uploading and downloading documents. "In ARL SURA we are committed to the health and safety of our members´ employees as part of our efforts to reinforce a culture of care. Through innovation and technology we offer new options and solutions to mitigate risk and safeguard the lives of our workers"  stated Daria Cecilia Acevedo Rivero, Technical Manager for ARL SURA. About ARL SURA With 20 years of experience in the field of occupational health and safety, ARL SURA has maintained its leadership as the No. 1 Workers Compensation Firm in the Colombian private sector. This company, a subsidiary of Suramericana, provides a comprehensive handling of occupational risk providing employers with peace of mind in guaranteeing a safe workplace, ensuring the well-being of workers and their families and helping companies and the country at large to become more sustainable.