What is the happiest country in Latin America?

Our subsidiary SURA Asset Management held the SURA Summit 2018, a tour of Latin America that shared the conference "The Science of Your Happiness" by Tal Ben-Shahar, an expert in positive psychology and a consultant in leadership, ethics and happiness. The event, which included the distinguished professor of Harvard in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, El Salvador and Uruguay, and the attendance of 6,500 people, also had a reach of at least 195 thousand people in the region, connected by digital platforms.

In this conference, directed to the clients of our branch in each country, Tal Ben Shahar shared different messages about the construction of happiness, the ability to enjoy the present and the future and the tools that people can use to be happy.

At SURA Summit 2018, the Company also announced the results of the "Barómetro SURA de la Felicidad" study, which gathers insights into various aspects related to happiness and well-being. With the accompaniment of Tal Ben-Shahar and Merlin Research, the research analyzed more than 17,000 online surveys in the six countries of the region where SURA Asset Management has a presence, in addition to the United States and Spain.

María Adelaida Tamayo, Regional Vice President of Business at SURA Asset Management, explained: "The theme of happiness is in tune with the purpose that drives our organization. We want to accompany people in different moments of their lives, so that they reach their dreams and goals. And when we do that, we create well-being, to the extent that we deliver solutions that provide financial protection and that allow us to enhance the capacities to grow, achieve objectives, make decisions with greater freedom, take advantage of opportunities in the environment and be more competitive".

Main findings of the study "Barómetro SURA de la Felicidad"
• In Latin America, the perception of happiness increases with age. 31% of millennials in the region declare to be happy, while in those over 55 it increases to 50%. On average, 41% of Latin Americans perceive themselves as happy people.

• There are high expectations about the future. 57% of Latin Americans believe that they will be happy in the future, while only 20% of people maintain their perception of low happiness.

• There is a low perception of well-being in the region. Only 3 out of 10 Latin Americans consider that they have a high level of well-being.

• The keys to happiness are different for men and women. Latin American women allude to relationships of couple and family, while men mention more the economic and labor welfare.

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