VaxThera, a SURA company, inaugurated its vaccine packaging and finishing plant in Colombia

In addition to being a relevant milestone for public health and health sovereignty in Colombia, it is indeed an example of how a balanced capital management allows for progress to be made in creating  sustainable profitability.

On May 15, VaxThera, a 100% Colombian biotechnology company, inaugurated its packaging and finishing plant for vaccines and therapies. This complex shall have state-of-the-art technology, quality and control processes based on international standards and supported by highly qualified professionals with the capacity to package and finish more than 100 million doses of biologics per year.

"VaxThera is committed to the health sovereignty of Colombia, where vaccines have not been produced for more than 20 years. The impact of VaxThera will have a transcendental effect, strengthening our capabilities, scientific knowledge and research throughout the region. With the completion of our packaging and finishing block, we are getting closer and closer to achieving this important milestone for our national public health," said Jorge Emilio Osorio, CEO of VaxThera.

VaxThera was created back in 2021, for the purpose of recovering Colombia´s  vaccine production capabilities in so as to be able to respond effectively and autonomously to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases or a future pandemic such as COVID-19. Three years later, the company is making progress with the construction of its plant of more than 35,000 m2, delivering in this first stage six operating and administrative blocks in which biologicals will be packaged and finished in liquid formats of single-dose and multi-dose vials.

In this regard, Ricardo Jaramillo, Grupo SURA’s CEO, commented that "this is a very significant milestone for public health in Colombia and will contribute to strengthening its health sovereignty.

This investment is a clear expression of how a balanced capital management allows us move forward in creating sustainable profitability, through projects such as this one that contributes to the development of both the country and the region. In fact, this VaxThera plant positions the country among the top five in Latin America with the capacity to produce its own vaccines and therapies".

A state-of-the-art technological complex

This plant will produce vaccines and therapies on the viral vector and mRNA platforms that VaxThera has been developing using local human talent since 2021. Also some of the vaccines that form part of Colombia´s Expanded Plan of Immunization  - PAI in Spanish  shall be packaged and finished, these including: Human Papilloma Virus, Pentavalent, Pneumococcus, Influenza, Poliomyelitis and Rotavirus, among others, as a result of the strong alliances that have been forged with several biotechnology companies in Latin America, Asia, the United States and Europe.

Photo taken from Valora Analitik

The recently inaugurated block is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, automation processes for quality control, and specialized devices that guarantee a sterile and safe process, as well as adequate product storage in cold chains.

Sustainability, job creation and the transfer of knowledge

VaxThera shall create more than 500 direct jobs for all Colombians, thereby strengthening the productive fabric of the country´s pharmaceutical industry. Likewise, its human talent is being trained under the highest quality standards and will have the capacity to direct and supervise the production of doses of vaccines and medicines per year that will reach the entire Colombian territory and even other countries in the world.

With the construction of its own plant, VaxThera is strengthening the transfer of knowledge and technology to countries such as the United States, Belgium, India, China, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina, markets that see the potential that Colombia offers, thanks to its research talent, good health practices, geographical location, biodiversity and infrastructure.

The plant's infrastructure is also intended to become a benchmark for sustainable construction through its architectural design and the optimization of the materials used: the plant will have water treatment, rainwater collection to supply general services, and solar panels that will enable a level of energy efficiency of up to 700 KWH per hour.

"Since when VaxThera was first founded, we have fostered relationships with actors from public and private sectors both at home and abroad, this for the purpose of providing this science, research and innovation complex with the highest quality standards, both nationally and internationally. We also recognize the talent of the domestic industry, so we have involved companies from different sectors in this project, thereby boosting the economy, promoting development throughout the region and creating new job opportunities," stated Jorge Emilio Osorio, CEO of VaxThera.

With the completion of its biologics production plant, the company will begin obtaining the corresponding certifications with the national and international regulatory authorities, the National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance - INVIMA, the Food and Drug Administration - FDA and the European Medicines Agency - EMA.