Vamos SURA generated bonds of trust and reconciliation

Vamos SURA is our corporate volunteer activity, which under the leadership of the SURA Foundation, was developed in the department of Magdalena, Colombia. 70 employees of Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries participated in this experience that sought to promote inclusion and reconciliation as a fundamental axis for the construction of Peace.

"With this volunteering we seek to foster a space of coexistence and building bonds of trust and reconciliation with populations affected by the armed conflict. In this way, we want to make volunteering a task that inspires transforming imaginaries, realities and the way we relate to our environment", said Maria Mercedes Barrera, our Corporate Responsibility manager and director of Fundación SURA.

Nueva Venecia, San Pedro de La Sierra and Ciénaga are the municipalities of the department of Magdalena, where activities such as infrastructure improvement, cleaning and beautification of spaces, rural tasks, collection and classification of recyclable material and soccer tournaments under the dynamic "Football for Peace".

The above responds to the interest of an integral volunteer. Therefore, the day had different work components that grouped actions for environmental conservation, the development of physical works of high impact, the transfer of knowledge to local leaders and the reconstruction of social fabric, memory and reconciliation.

"In addition to being participants in the transformation of the regions in which we intervene with our volunteers, for the SURA Foundation, the promotion of initiatives aimed at generating well-being and development for our collaborators is a priority, which we achieve in these spaces of encounter and solidarity with the other", said Maria Mercedes.