SURA is among the top ten best companies to work for in Colombia, thanks to its commitment to the comprehensive development of its human talent

  • Thanks to its commitment to employee well-being, diversity and flexibility, SURA is ranked as the sixth best organization for attracting and retaining human talent in the country.
  • In Colombia, the SURA Business Group has more than 22 thousand employees belonging to its companies Suramericana, Seguros SURA Colombia, SURA Asset Management, Protección, ARUS and Hábitat.
  • Since 2015 SURA has been included among the 10 best organizations to work for in the country, according to Merco Talento. 

This year´s Merco Talento survey ranked SURA as the sixth best company to work for in Colombia, for its comprehensive performance in attracting and retaining human talent. With this, the Organization has been included in this ranking for the last 14 years and ranked in the top 10 for the last 9 consecutive years. Seguros SURA Colombia also reaffirmed its leadership position, ranking first among companies in the insurance sector.

At the end of 2022, the Organization had a total of 30,152 employees distributed among Grupo SURA, Suramericana and SURA Asset Management, as well as its companies in 10 countries throughout the region. It is to be noted that 65.8% of all employees of Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries are women and 56.4% of these occupy leadership positions.

SURA companies have positioned themselves thanks to having implemented strategies that provide well-being and competitiveness to their different stakeholders, including employees, affiliates, suppliers, customers and the community at large.

The comprehensive development of human talent, this being a purpose and commitment that brings the Organization´s strategy to fruition, is approached from different practices in terms of organizational learnings, leadership, work models, a healthy work environment and performance management. Among the most valued practices are labor flexibility and benefit programs that impact not only the work environment but also the social and family contexts of individuals. 

"We believe in people, in the importance of recognizing and understanding each other in an integral way, appreciating our differences and similarities, and from there connecting our purposes and quests that help us to achieve our goals. Enabling an environment in which everyone can freely be, do, express themselves and relate to others is a challenge that invites us to continually rethink ourselves in order to become a place where people want to come and stay, and that is something that we all do in the Company", stated Luz Marina Velásquez, Chief Human Resource Officer at Seguros SURA Colombia.

SURA is making progress with consolidating attraction programs for young talent, favoring intergenerational dialog and, in this way, encouraging an environment conducive to diversity, a key driver for our ongoing transformation and sustainability. Currently, 41% of Seguros SURA Colombia's employees are under 35 years of age.

In line with its commitment to developing its human talent , Seguros SURA Colombia has invested more than 140 billion pesos in economic and non-economic benefits, extra-legal benefits and new sources of attraction that strengthen trust-based relationships and individual, family and social well-being.

Comprehensive talent management is part of the identity of all the companies that make up our business group. Consequently, Grupo SURA places special emphasis on the employee as the central axis of its strategy and, based on its own cultural, reputational and psychosocial risk studies, the Company has made comprehensive wellness its main objective in its talent management, balancing mental health with physical health.

Additionally, Grupo SURA has been a leader in preventing harassment in the workplace through its Sexual Harassment Policy, which has not only been socialized and extended to the entire business group, but also to companies in other sectors under the conviction that creating safe and healthy work environments is a challenge that must be addressed jointly.

"In a context of high volatility, SURA has focused its efforts on reducing uncertainty on the part of its employees and strengthening their ability to live autonomously. This is reflected in a level of commitment of over 90% and in an organizational culture that promotes development and allows people to identify with a way of being and doing business," said Catalina Restrepo Duque, Human Talent Manager of Grupo SURA.

Companies belonging to Grupo SURA's investment portfolio and their  Merco Talento rankings 

In addition to SURA's performance in this year's general ranking, other companies that form part of Grupo SURA's investment portfolio have also made important headway: Bancolombia ranks second in the overall ranking and leads in the financial sector; Protección, on the other hand, ranked first among pension and severance funds. Likewise, in terms of Grupo Sura´s industrial investments, Grupo Nutresa holds third place in the overall ranking and first place in the food sector, while Cementos Argos and Celsia, subsidiaries of Grupo Argos, were ranked in 13th and 26th places, respectively.