Three Mutual Funds managed by SURA Chile win Salmon Awards for 2015

​ For the third year running, the mutual funds managed by  Administradora General de Fondo SURA  received Salmon Prizes, these being Chile´s top awards for its Fund Industry given by the newspaper,  Diario Financiero  and  LVA Indices . The winning funds were  SURA Selección Global  and  SURA Renta Bonos  -these for the second year running-, and  SURA Acciones Chile  MidCap, which also obtained this same award in 2013 and 2014. SURA won first place in the categories corresponding to UF-indexed Debt Security Funds (for terms of more than 3 years) and the Developed Equity Fund and obtained second place in the Domestic Equity Fund category. These three awards make us the second fund management firm with the most prizes, out of a total of 19 candidates. These awards are given to funds that provided the best risk-return in each of their categories in 2014, evaluating both their performance as well as the risks assumed. Andrés Acevedo, General Manager of  Administradora General de Fondos SURA , stated that "these prizes reflect the progress made by the Company and the consolidation of its processes so as to be able to secure excellent risk adjusted results. This achievement has made us even more committed to develop products that allow our clients to achieve their life-time aspirations."