• So far, the Foundation has provided 93 thousand PPE kits for medical personnel for a total investment of COP 5,122 million.
  • This has benefited 17 of the country’s departments, including hospitals, clinics, non-profit organizations and an indigenous community.
  • Contributions to solidarity and humanitarian initiatives on the part of the SURA Business Group in ten countries throughout the region, now total COP 22,835 million (USD 6 million).
  • During the present pandemic, COP 9,195 million (USD 2.5 million) of this total has been channeled by the SURA Foundation to initiatives being carried out in other countries such as Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Medellin. August 31, 2020 The SURA Foundation has now provided 32,925 PPE kits for the medical personnel belonging to 39 clinics, hospitals and non-profit entities, which in the next few days shall be extended to include an indigenous community in the Amazon. For an investment of COP 2,100 million, another 12 entities were benefited with infrared thermometers, biosecurity overalls, masks and other implements in addition to the 28 that received the initial donation of these types of medical supplies back in May of this year.

In this way, the Sura Foundation has helped the health care personnel at 39 entities in 17 departments in Colombia to safely carry out their work, by donating nearly 93 thousand PPE items, for a total value of COP 5,122 million. It should be noted that this support is supplementary and completely separate from the supplies provided by the Group’s Workers’ Compensation subsidiary, ARL SURA.

 "By providing this support we are striving to mitigate the effects of the current pandemic in sectors of critical importance such as health care, just as we have done with entities belonging to the cultural sector, all this confirming yet again our commitment to the Colombian people in these difficult times. We have also expanded our social investment in different countries so as to provide an increasingly regional scope to the support we provide", stated Tatyana Orozco, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Grupo SURA.

Upon receiving these medical supplies, we received the following testimonies from the different beneficiary entities: "The donation received from the SURA Foundation has provided us with greater peace of mind and support. We continue to move forward providing our services to the extent of our entire installed capacity; maintaining our commitment with all our users and partners," stated Luz Adriana Alarcon, Head of Health Care with the  Family Welfare Institution (Caja de Compensación Familiar) in Caldas, of which the San Marcel Clinic in Manizales forms part.

For her part, Laura Torres, Head of Occupational Health and Safety at the Colombian Cardiovascular Foundation in Bucaramanga, noted that “there is still that empathy and commitment of wishing to work as a team in order to keep ourselves safe, which is so very valuable. The current situation has allowed us to meet such nice people, working with those we have never met before. United in achieving this same goal".

Also in mid-September, the indigenous handicraft community, Yaré Okaina, from the La Chorrera district in the Amazon, is scheduled to receive medical supplies, these being one of the 11 communities that participated in the Foundation's "Memory and Creativity: the Indigenous Enterprise" project, which for the last 5 years has helped to improve the living conditions of said communities, by strengthening and qualifying their production of handicrafts.

This second stage of providing medical supplies supplements the donations made to humanitarian initiatives over recent months by the subsidiaries of the SURA Business Group in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, as well as from the SURA Foundation in Colombia, Chile and Mexico, these now totaling COP 22,835 million (USD 6 million).

Finally, Maria Mercedes Barrera, Executive Director of the SURA Foundation in Colombia, added: "We are deeply grateful for the work being done by medical staff, and with the donations we are providing we are striving to protect those who are on the front line in providing health care for thousands of Colombians. With our social, educational and cultural initiatives, we are committed to continuing to enhancing the well-being of the people, entities and communities that most need our support”.


Food safety
The SURA Foundation shall also provide COP 400 million for carrying out the Germinar project, in alliance with the Nutresa Foundation and the Association of Food Banks of Colombia (Abaco). This initiative shall provide food security to families residing in the Departments of Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca, so as to be able to build productive backyards and community vegetable gardens and in so doing enhance and promote social management, the food supply and healthy lifestyles.

 Attachment: Beneficiaries of the Second Delivery of Medical Supplies

  1. Hospital San Francisco de Asís (Quibdó, Chocó).
  2. Hospital Ismael Roldán (Quibdó, Chocó).
  3. Hospital Departamental Clarence lynd Newball Memorial (San Andrés)
  4. Hospital Universitario Erasmo Meoz (Cúcuta, Norte de Santander).
  5. Hospital Universitario Julio Méndez Barreneche (Santa Marta, Magdalena).
  6. Fundación Hospital Universidad del Norte (Soledad, Atlántico).
  7. Fundación Hospital Infantil Casa del Niño (Cartagena, Bolívar).
  8. Hospital Universitario del Caribe (Cartagena, Bolívar).
  9. Hospital Universitario de Sincelejo (Sucre).
  10. Hospital San Rafael del Municipio de San Vicente del Caguán (Caquetá).
  11. Coliseo Happy Lora del Municipio de Montería, a sports coliseum that was temporariliy converted into a hospital (Córdoba)
  12. Hospital Universitario Santander (Bucaramanga, Santander).
  13. Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (Floridablanca, Santander).
  14. Hospital Federico Lleras Acosta (Ibagué, Tolima).
  15. Clínica Avidanti (Ibagué, Tolima).
  16. Hospital del Quindío San Juan de Dios (Armenia).
  17. Hospital Universitario de Caldas (Manizales).
  18. Caja de Compensación Familiar de Caldas - Clínica San Marcel (Manizales).
  19. Hospital Infantil Rafael Henao Toro de la Cruz Roja (Manizales, Caldas).
  20. Hospital Universitario San Jorge de Pereira (Risaralda).
  21. Hospital San Pedro y San Pablo (La Virginia, Risaralda).
  22. S.E. Salud Pereira (Risaralda)
  23. Hospital Santa Mónica de Dosquebradas (Risaralda).
  24. Hospital San Vicente de Paúl de Santa Rosa de Cabal (Risaralda).
  25. Centro de Excelencia Clínica Santa Helena (Palmira, Valle).
  26. Wound Clinic (Cali, Valle).
  27. Clínica de Occidente (Cali, Valle).
  28. Hospital Universitario Clínica San Rafael (Bogotá).
  29. Clínica Palermo (Bogotá).
  30. Clínica Shaio (Bogotá).
  31. Hospital Manuel Uribe Ángel (Envigado, Antioquia).
  32. Fundación Hospital Infantil Santa Ana (Medellín).
  33. Clínica CES (Antioquia).
  34. Clínica Universitaria Bolivariana (Antioquia).
  35. Clínica Soma (Medellín, Antioquia).
  36. Metrosalud (Medellín, Antioquia).
  37. Instituto Neurológico de Antioquia (Medellín).
  38. Clínica Cardio VID (Medellín).
  39. Clínica Neumológica del Pacifico (Cali, Valle).
  40. The Yaré Okaina Indigenous Community (the Amazons)

About the SURA Foundation
Grupo SURA and its subsidiaries channel an important part of their social investment contributions through the SURA Foundation, which was first founded in 1971 in Colombia, and in 2017 was extended to both Mexico and Chile, this for the purpose of skill-building and ensuring greater well-being amongst communities in various Latin American countries. Besides leading the Corporate Volunteer program, the Foundation focuses its efforts on three main fronts: Quality of Education, Cultural Promotion as well as Building Democracy /Instilling a sense of citizenship, this based on the specific context and needs of the territory in question. For more information please click on the following link:
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