• The SURA Foundation has allocated an additional COP 1,061 million for the work currently being carried out by museums, theaters, orchestras and other corporations supporting various forms of art.
  • Furthermore, the SURA Foundation added to the initial capital of Promotora Cultural de Antioquia, an organization that provides support to the cultural sector in Antioquia.
  • The Foundation's support for cultural activities this year now stands at COP 4,361 million.

In order to provide liquidity and continuity to the efforts of 27 cultural institutions throughout Colombia, the SURA Foundation has allocated another COP 1,061 million to its Line of Cultural Support, an investment which reach this year and amount of COP 4,361 million.

This funding is helping the financial sustainability of all those organizations in charge of carrying out cultural projects that benefit the community, while adapting the contents and proposals of such to the current reality of the overall sector. Besides providing financial support, the SURA Foundation has been assisting these organizations by advising them on various issues including strategy, digital transformation and corporate governance, among others.

We are fully aware of the transformative role that culture and art play in being able to build a country, especially in terms of developing the skills required for improving people's living conditions, and therefore the well-being of society as a whole. This additional support is supplementing the COP 16,500 million that we are already investing in different education and citizenship building projects; this in addition to more than COP 13,000 million that has been allocated to our Line of Humanitarian Support, which this year is being extended for the exclusive purpose of dealing with the current pandemic, ”stated Maria Mercedes Barrera, Executive Director of the SURA Foundation in Colombia.

Entities benefiting from the additional financial support provided:

  • Bogota´s Museum of Modern Art
  • Batuta National Foundation (a foundation supporting schools in Chocó, Meta and Caldas)
  • Barranquilla´s Museum of Modern Art
  • Pablo Tobon Uribe Theater (Medellin)
  • El Colegio del Cuerpo Corporation in Cartagena (dance school)
  • The Antioquia Symphony Orchestra
  • The Caribbean Cinematheque
  • Antioquenian Dance Company
  • El Origen Foundation (La Guajira) (providing support for indigenous youngsters living in vulnerable conditions)
  • Nuestra Gente Cultural Corporation (Medellin)
  • La Cueva Foundation (Barranquilla)
  • Medellin Photographic Club
  • Laboratory of the Spirit (El Retiro, Antioquia)
  • Uno mas Uno Foundation (Medellin)
  • Prolyrica of Antioquia
  • Friends of the Explora Park Foundation
  • La Tertulia Museum in Cali
  • The Medellin Metropolitan Ballet
  • Museum of Jerico (Antioquia)
  • Común y Corriente Corporation (Medellin)
  • Sirenaica Foundation (Medellin)

    Testimonies from our beneficiaries.
    With this additional support, all 27 of the aforementioned cultural entities shall be able to continue with their training programs and courses for the general public. "The direct beneficiaries of SURA's contributions are the artists who conceive, design and assemble the Foundation's editorial and educational projects each year. For example, in February this year a total of 30,000 people benefited from these programs, all of these being free of charge," said Mayra Alejandra Díaz Montes of La Cueva Foundation in Barranquilla.
    Similarly, Claudia Hakim, Director of the Bogota Museum of Modern Art, said that "being able to continue with our activities shall not only guarantee the jobs of 36 people who depend economically on the Museum, but also benefit the 10,333 on-line users that have visited our site during these past months of lockdown. The age groups and types of audience are varied since we are staging lectures for specialized audiences as well as readings out loud for the pleasure of the public”.
    On the other hand, May Posse of the dance school, Colegio del Cuerpo in Cartagena said: "This support is helping us to provide children and adolescents with quality artistic training which, in turn, is helping them to develop their talent and vocation for dancing while inspiring them to continue their training in this art".
    Likewise, the SURA Foundation continues with all those initiatives that are having an important social impact, this in partnership with various cultural organizations such as the Antioquia Museum, Colombia’s National Museum as well as the Motete and Manos Visibles (Visible Hands) Corporations.

    Financial support for the local cultural institute, Promotora Cultural de Antioquia
    On the other hand, the SURA Foundation has added another COP 500 million to the initial capital of Promotora Cultural de Antioquia, this being a joint initiative on the part of other public and private organizations led by Proantioquia.  With this first contribution, this cultural institute is able to benefit four important cultural entities in the Department of Antioquia, namely the Museum of Antioquia, the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Metropolitan Theater, and the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin (MAMM)