The State of Florida has granted SURA Asset Management authorization to operate via an offshore solution in the USA

Last Tuesday, Inversiones Sura Corp., a subsidiary of SURA Asset Management duly incorporated in Delaware, United States, received approval from the Division of Securities of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation authorizing it to provide its services as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), directly  from that country.

With this new solution, Inversiones SURA´s clients in different countries shall be able to register a personal account domiciled in the United States. Through strategic alliances with market leaders, private individuals can now access a global platform hosting a broad network of international funds from the world's most recognized investment managers, thereby consolidating Inversiones SURA's offshore offering as part of a regional hub hosting a homogeneous and robust offering.

In this regard, Pablo Matte, head of Inversiones Sura Corp., stated: "This is a very important milestone for the Company, since we have been able to introduce a new solution that shall complement and strengthen our value-added offering on a regional level. More and more people are looking to diversify their investments, and what we are providing is personalized, flexible and goal-oriented advisory services so as to help our clients attain their aspirations and dreams, through multiple  solutions firmly built on a universe of instruments financial . All this and much more, with the support and security provided by a regulatory environment amply recognized on a global level. In this way we are striving to create opportunities to build a sustainable future, and to accompany our clients on a day-to-day basis”.

Internationalization is one of the main pillars in SURA Asset Management’s growth plans, which is why we are always in search of opportunities in different markets that allow us to continue strengthening our value-added offering for our clients

Now that this authorization has been granted, the Company will continue to fine-tune its operations and perform internal testing prior to the date on which we shall be starting up for the general public, which we shall be informing all interested parties through the Company's communication channels.