SURA rises in the ranking of best places to work in Colombia, thanks to its commitment to the comprehensive development of its human talent

  • According to the Merco Talento Colombia 2022 study, SURA moved up to fifth place in the overall ranking and Seguros SURA Colombia maintains its leadership in its respective sector.
  • The Organization employs more than 22 thousand people in Colombia with whom it is encouraging measures aimed at employee well-being, inclusion, leadership, flexibility, fairness, recognition of diversity, among others.
  • Since 2015, SURA has been ranked among the top 10 organizations in the country given its efforts to attract and retain human talent.

The findings of the latest Merco Talento Colombia 2022 survey, released this Wednesday, placed SURA in fifth place among all 100 companies with the best ability to attract and retain talent in the country, thereby moving up two places compared to last year´s ranking. Likewise, Seguros SURA Colombia maintained its leadership in its respective sector, bearing in mind last year´s results, and SURA also ranked in sixth place among leaders of digital conversation in topics relating to human talent.

The findings of this external and independent survey, which evaluates 15 different variables and consults more than 78 thousand people, are based on the Organization´s efforts to remain attractive to new talent as well as to the 22,265 people employed by Seguros SURA Colombia, the corporations of SURA Asset Management, Suramericana and Grupo SURA, as well as its subsidiaries ARUS and Hábitat, up till the end of last May.

"To talk about talent is to talk about people, and talking about people is talking about purposes, about stories that come together as part of the Company. Our ranking in the Merco Talento 2022 Survey is a recognition for each and every one of us who bring to life our SURA brand, it is also a commitment to continue searching for and strengthening practices that promote the care, welfare and comprehensive development of our human talent," stated Luz Marina Velásquez, Chief Human Talent Officer of Seguros SURA Colombia.

In this sense, providing a flexible value proposition, that goes beyond a single benefits package, is a way of recognizing moments in people's lives as well as their environments. For example. in 2021, Seguros SURA Colombia invested more than COP 36,600 million in economic and non-economic benefits for its employees, these based on a relevant value proposition with regard to their personal, work and family contexts, as well as a comprehensive overview of their health (emotional, physical and financial).

Likewise, the SURA Companies throughout  the country have implemented cross-cutting measures based on inclusion, fairness and flexible models from the standpoint of the workplace, working hours, benefits and the manner of hiring new recruits, among other factors, all of which have been duly adjusted to the new work dynamics. Strengthening leadership skills, learnings, work models, performance management and a healthy work environment have allowed us to attract, develop and increase the loyalty of our staff.

Also, a diversity and inclusion framework policy has been deployed throughout our Companies, which includes technical roundtables, employee training and awareness-raising activities, as well as initiatives to extend gender equality in terms of job opportunities and with a focus on young people.

SURA has also pioneered protocols for attending to and preventing cases of workplace and sexual harassment;  it has also designed and implemented financial wellness programs for its employees; set up psychological help lines; while progress has been made in closing wage gaps in Colombia, as well as in the other nine countries where the Business Group is present.

Likewise, different work models coexist, depending on the role and purpose of the teams in question; having a hybrid model has allowed us to balance out and respond not only to our organizational purposes but also to personal ones. SURA has more than 20 coworking sites throughout the country, allowing employees to choose where they want to work from.

"The speed at which change is occurring requires us to not only permanently upgrade our knowledge but also develop new abilities and skills while recognizing other people's experience. Making learning a constant is a fundamental challenge for SURA, one which requires us to rethink and connect with learning and its ecosystem in a different way ," concluded Luz Marina Velásquez.

Additionally, through the Alianza Soluciones initiative in which we participate through Fundación SURA together with other organizations in Colombia, 126  former combatants and victims of the armed conflict were able to join the Organization last year, encouraging employability, gradually closing gaps and helping them to enter into society in a dignified manner. For its part, ARUS has recruited and assisted 15 people with extraordinary abilities in different roles.

Companies belonging to Grupo SURA's investment portfolio and their  Merco Talento rankings

In addition to SURA's performance in this year's general ranking, other companies that form part of Grupo SURA's investment portfolio have also made important headway: Bancolombia now ranks in third place while leading in its own particular sector; Protección is ranked in 76th place being the only pension and severance fund management firm to be included in this survey. Likewise, in terms of Grupo Sura´s industrial investments, Grupo Nutresa moved up from third to second place and now leads the food sector, while Cementos Argos and Celsia, subsidiaries of Grupo Argos, were ranked in 11th and 35th places, respectively.