SURA provides tools for enhancing women’s leadership

​ Economist Laura Raffo gave a presentation in which she addressed the challenges faced by women  ​ Gender stereotypes, the difficulties faced by women for accessing decision-making roles, and the tools for breaking down barriers were some of the issues addressed during the presentation "Women, the path toward leadership", given on floor 40 by Economist Laura Raffo, of SURA Management Uruguay .  Raffo presented figures indicating that "globally, women must work 3 months more than men per year in order to earn as much as men do. It is not easy to reach decision-making positions, yet many have managed to do so through academic training, perseverance, and the support of other women".  For her part, SURA Asset Management Uruguay Commercial Manager María José Frontini stressed the role played by women in household saving capacity.  The results of the survey "Ahorro Latam 360º" conducted by SURA Asset Management jointly with Merlin Research show that the situation in Uruguay differs from that in the region. Indeed, Uruguayans perceive it is men who promote saving within households, while in the region as a whole women are considered largely responsible for promoting this behavior.  "Undoubtedly, saving is a key aspect of families' economic prospects, and since women play a central role in decision-making at home, they are a fundamental pillar in household saving", remarked Frontini during the breakfast meeting attended by women from various fields of activity.    About SURA Asset Management   SURA Asset Management is a Latin American company with operations in the areas of Pensions, Savings, and Investments in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and El Salvador. It is a subsidiary of the SURA Group . Besides, three of its shareholders have a minority stake in the company: the Bolívar Group, Bancolombia , and the Wiese Group. As at the close of the first quarter of 2017, SURA Asset Management has a total of USD 123.4 billion in assets under management, belonging to 19.2 million clients. ​  *Clients and AUM include AFP Protección IN Colombia and AFP Crecer in El Salvador. Though these companies are not under its control, SURA AM has a significant share in them.    SURA Asset Managment Uruguay  manages different business lines, most importantly: AFAP SURA , the second largest retirement fund management firm in Uruguay by both number of members and funds under administration; AFISA SURA , an Investment Fund management firm with open, public offer funds authorized by the Central Bank of Uruguay; and Corredor de Bolsa SURA , which provides investment solutions tailored to specific financial needs and goals, offering access to a wide range of investment instruments.