SURA presents ‘Women for Colombia’ Volume 2, its new album of vallenatos

​ Medellin, November 19, 2015 . The year-end festivities are normally rife with new sounds, and this year is no exception with leading female artists interpreting one of the best-loved musical genres in Colombia as part of an album full of romance, rhythm and holiday cheer.  SURA  has launched its new CD titled  'Women for Colombia' Volume 2 , consisting of a series of classic vallenatos featuring the rhythms of yesteryear, to the sounds of the guitar, drums and of course the accordion. With this new endeavor, produced by Jose Gaviria, SURA is reaffirming its commitment to different artistic and cultural expressions, delivering a high quality product with a well- defined musical purpose. This is the sixth album that SURA has produced, as part of its long-standing commitment to fostering cultural activities, providing support for research, publishing, public awareness programs, institutional strengthening and support for the arts, keeping alive the most beautiful of all traditions and promoting the more contemporary expressions. The proceeds obtained from the sale of this CD shall continue, as in previous years, to be channeled to the Sura Foundation so that it may continue to expand its  Cultural Promotion program , strengthening cultural and historical centers, and promoting art education for both underprivileged children and youngsters. Over the last five years, the Foundation has invested COP 12,300 million in various initiatives sharing a common purpose of strengthening culture as a collective heritage. "Since the quality of life and the comprehensive development of both individuals and communities is an essential part of our purpose, this has naturally led us to support cultural and artistic endeavors . This is why we love to sponsor projects that help to enrich Colombia´s cultural heritage and this new CD is no exception"  stated  Gonzalo Perez , CEO of SURA. 'Women for Colombia' Volume 2 features 11 talented artists of different nationalities: Olga Tanon, Rosana, Maia, Adriana Lucia, Rosario, Sole Jimenez, Natalia Lafourcade, Gaby Moreno, Martina Lapeligrosa, Giselle Lacouture and Fanny Lu. They have all come together on this occasion to interpret new and exciting vallenatos, forming a unique cast, as has been customary with SURA´s albums in the past few years. Under the direction of José Gaviria and thanks to the team responsible for its production, this album features songs such as Esta vida, Matilde Lina, Amarte más no puedo, Y por eso estoy aquí, La Tierra del olvido, El Testamento, El mejoral and La espinita, reminiscent of vallenatos of yesteryear, but now with female voices extolling Colombian folklore, thanks to the generosity of the artists who accepted our invitation to participate in this year´s album. As part of the activities scheduled for the launching of this new production, SURA is staging a free presentation in Bogota, at which some of the singers of the 'Women for Colombia' Volume 2 shall be presenting their songs for the first time to the public on Friday December 11 at the 93th St. Park. A family-friendly, open concert to kick off the year-end festivities. This CD is now on sale on iTunes, Google Play, Tango discs, La Música Stores and Panamericana for COP 29,900. About Suramericana With over 70 years of experience, Suramericana S.A. is the leading insurance company in Colombia and Central America, with a total of 10 million clients. Belonging to Grupo SURA (81.1%) as well as to the German reinsurer Munich Re (18.9%), this subsidiary is made up of different companies based in Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic and El Salvador, that are dedicated to offering insurance and risk management solutions, including casualty/property and life insurance, occupational health and safety protection, mandatory and complementary healthcare plans among others.